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Investor Crunch: Progress Report Q1 2020

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In this report, we bring you updates on our recent investor roadshow, detailed insights into our R&D efforts, a sneak peek at our new look vendor business pages and more.

London Calling – Our Investor Roadshow hits the UK

Team Eventerprise was once again superbly represented by our commander-in-chief, Birgit Thumecke, as she met with existing and potential investors in London last month. Follow this link to find out more about her time Read more about Birgit’s time in London.

Updates From The Engine Room

Eventerprise has executed a few important tech improvements in spite of limited budgets.

To recap:

  • React, the world’s leading JavaScript library is at the heart of our platform. Secure APIs, developed in Laravel PHP, support the platform’s core architecture.
  • We integrate using bitbucket and Gitlab pipelines. All code is version controlled by Git Servers on a continuous basis.
  • We avoid security threats and unauthorized server access by masking our servers. Digital Ocean hosts the servers and Cloudflare masks them.
  • Docker containers deploy the Eventerprise progressive web app for mobile users.

Currently, we are concentrating on user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) optimizations and SEO. These projects will increase organic traffic to the site and enhance the user experience.

UX/UI Improvements

49% of all pageviews on Eventerprise take place on our vendor business pages.

These pages meet structural and on-page SEO benchmarks and produce the intended outcome. More exposure for event vendors. This means our plan to showcase vendors on high quality, SEO compliant pages works.

Now that half of our organic traffic lands on vendor pages, we must continue to focus on the UX design of these pages. People requesting quotes deserve a fast and easy experience when using our site.

We have finalized the latest design of our vendor business pages and will launch it in the coming weeks.

The key measure of our success is our North Star Metric.

It defines the relationship between customer needs and business revenue.

Our North Start Metric (NSM) is the Number of Request for Proposals (RFPs) created per month. We use our NSM to guide our thinking and decision making in this phase of our business.

We have recently released the latest version of our EventerQuote/RFP widget. This brings us a step closer to creating the best possible experience for event planners.


Eventerprise APIs are powered by JWT Authentication and include Serverless execution support.

Our API includes RapidAPI for public availability with limited access. Swagger Documentation with on browser execution and testing availability is also included.

We have worked hard to improve our APIs for low bandwidth devices. Regular Jobs now run as asynchronous Jobs, managed by Laravel Horizon.

The whole system is now executed with the help of Supervisord. We have implemented Sentry systems to track error capture during development and production.

We are also using Memcached and Redis for cache management and high scalability.

Our containerized API architecture can now deploy as single or as a swarm on container managed systems like Kubernetes or Docker.


Our frontend is a Progressive Web Application (PWA). Users can install it on any mobile device compatible with the latest standards.

ServerSide Rendering via ReactJS executes headless code making our site’s frontend SEO friendly. The site is now easier to share on social media.

We have also implemented the Varnish Cache. This improves Time to first byte (TTFB) and server response.


We now have a strong development and deployment process in place.

Gitlab’s CI integration and implementation of GitFlow takes care of automated deployment. This deployment pushes updates to both the alpha testing site and the live site.

These integrations also create a useful report of tasks deployed.

Hot Off The Press

Birgit’s latest interview with tech news publisher, SuperbCrew

SuperbCrew is a leading business news website covering innovative companies. They have over 130 000 social media followers and share news from the tech and business world. The SuperbCrew community connects innovative companies with journalists and investors. Read Birgit’s interview here.

Bonus update

Eventerprise trademark protected in US

The Eventerprise trademark is now fully registered and protected in the United States. The application process has taken two years to complete.
We finally received confirmation of this milestone last week. We were eager to share the news with our network.

That’s it for this edition of the Eventerprise Investor Crunch. As always, you are welcome to get in touch with the team at [email protected]

Written by Eventerprise
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