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Jenny Chang Is Our Latest Featured Event Pro

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Recently we had the pleasure of engaging with Jenny Chang and her team to learn more about her business, how she got into the events industry and what’s next for the serial events entrepreneur.

Q: Please introduce yourself and tell our readers more about your business

In the world of celebration planning, I am best recognized as the Magnet of Experiences. In other words, I attract experiential events worth producing for the world. My first start-up, ROCKNEVENTS – a luxury experiential firm based in Los Angeles sets the perfect tone of what we do under The JC Brand. From start-up events to luxury weddings, luxury rentals and/or consulting event marketing strategies, I/We specialize in producing out-of-this-world celebrations. 

Q: What drew you to your line of work?

When I was introduced to the career as a freshman at the Fashion Institute of Design Merchandising (FIDM), I fell in love with every element that went into planning weddings – management, production, design, working with happy people, and ‘love.’ Oh, yes, love. My love for ‘love’ has definitely made me a sucker for this career. So after realizing this career was made for me, I specialized in my education around this field and started my business after 2 years of college. Every checklist, timeline, contract and everything else you can think of to plan the logistics of an event was built from scratch. My desire and passion for wedding design and coordination made me almost insane about it. I wanted to learn everything on my own, and create a system that is incomparable in the industry. 

Q: What would people be most surprised to learn about your work?

I believe most people would be surprised by the team and force behind the work, and the passion that exudes from every producer behind the scenes of our member’s experience. People will be surprised by the undeniable team chemistry we’ve built, and even the close connections we have with our partners in the event industry. I believe with a positive force and loyal business-relationships, every ‘experience’ is destined to succeed. 

Q: Is there anything you wish more clients considered before working with you?

The desire to be trusted in my craft is all I can ask for; and it’s the one thing I am most grateful for in all the projects, events and people I service. I flourish when I represent those that trust my innovations, financial management skills, and allow me to work within the relationships I’ve created in my journey.

Q: Do you have a dream client? Who would you love to work with?

My dream clients are those who look to break the boundaries of their limitations – no matter what they are. In recent years, I’ve specialized as a consultant for other entrepreneurs, specifically in technology, and I admire working for those that are great at what they do while knowing they deserve an unforgettable event to “bring-together” their overall business mission. I gravitate towards working for members that are independent and value the work I specialize in. 

Q: What’s next for your business? Any new services or products in the pipeline?

As a serial entrepreneur, I’m in a constant loop of discovery for all new innovations, opportunities and people. There’s this thrill in finding others with great potential. 
I’m finding myself in the future of the tech space, and that’s why I’ve decided to begin investing in it. Recently, I’ve started an app that allows people to receive the luxury of wedding planning in the palm of their hands. 
If you don’t know about the app yet, it’s the luxury of wedding planning for the modern bride, like Uber of wedding planning. I founded the app because I found myself turning away couples who couldn’t afford the luxury of a full wedding planning service, so Vowlá’s goal is to bring luxury to every couple. We’re the first app where a couple can download it, chat with a planner right then and there, and hire them for the day-of.
I’m a director at heart, so I don’t imagine myself ever stopping in the event world, but I do plan on investing in other creators.

Q: In a world where more and more people turn to the Internet as their primary means of finding the services and products they need, what are some of the tactics you employ to ensure that your business gets the exposure it needs?

I hope you won’t think I’m biased when I vouch for ‘experiential marketing.’

In retrospect, there’s no other way I could have ever started my business if it wasn’t for me bringing people together to deliver this experience that I needed them to remember and share with others. That’s what experiential marketing is. It’s what digital marketing can’t deliver, no matter how vast we grow in that field.

Some great examples of experiential marketing is product and business launches, internal networking events, company tours/speaking events; and it’s these events that succeed in, both, digital and experiential because they understand the art of “messaging and the frequency through digital marketing” and “bringing people back together” to ‘live’ and ‘witness’ the service/product being delivered.

Experiential Marketing is the ‘Culture’ of your Business Marketing Strategies, and I advise all entrepreneurs to couple their digital marketing practice with the power of an experience-brought-to-life.

I’m a business consultant for all experiential marketing strategies; so feel free to inquire on my site for a consultation.

Q: Is there a feature you’d like to see on the Eventerprise platform to help you grow your business?

It’s a great platform, and I feel honored to be part of it!

I really appreciate the ways to feature yourself as an event professional, from badges for accomplishments and milestones to reviews. It feels trusting for those that are in need of a true pro, and I appreciate the art of filtering the industry through your own criteria — it’s also another way to make the vendors feel valued and appreciated. 

Q: Is there anything we didn’t ask that you’d like readers to know?

“A picture says a thousand words”– I’d love to share the experience through my portfolios; Jenny Chang at jennychang.com, ROCKNEVENTS at rocknevents.com and Vowlá at vowla-app.com.

Thanks again Jenny, it’s been a pleasure learning more about you and your love for events!

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