John Martin St.Valery: Friend of Eventerprise

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John Martin St.Valery: Friend of Eventerprise

By: Guest Author

John has nearly 20 years experience working in his region, having established the now award winning and regionally recognized professional service firm Links Group. Links Group partners with, protects, and enables foreign companies to operate in the UAE and Qatar while safeguarding their status as business owners. This admirable experience gives John a unique and raw insight into the opportunities that the region offers, along with an unrivaled contact base in both the public and private sector.

Q: What for you is the key ingredient when investing in a young, early stage business?

A: The people. Like for like DNA essential.

Q: How would you rate the team factor in your own experience as both an entrepreneur and investor?

A: Crucial

Q: How important is the tech aspect in your investment decision?

A: Increasingly important. Being a silver surfer myself, I am intrigued by even more efficient ways of achieving results.

Q: So, why did you invest in Eventerprise?

A: The people, the spirit, and the clear differentiators.

Q: What do you like about Eventerprise?

A: The visibility across various platforms is impressive and the interaction between interested parties is a testament to the founders’s principles.

Q: Why are you keen to provide insight & inspiration?

A: The business that I advise and represent in this investment is also a highly ambitious startup organization – a winning combination when it comes to being ‘fleet of foot’ and hungry for the success of all stakeholders.

Q: What role can event/business experts, such as yourself, play in the activation of a digital platform that needs to scale at the speed of light?

A: By being engaged every step of the way, spreading the news, and where appropriate, sharing experiences for the benefit of all.