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Join the First Digital Platform Summit in Africa!

Written by Charlie Wright · 1 min read >
Digital Platform Summit in Africa

Sometimes you need a bit of distance from the noise to have your voice heard. Africa with its abundance of human and natural resources may be far from global tech hubs like Silicon Valley, but its undeniable potential makes it the perfect location for a global gathering of business leaders and academics to explore the development of platform markets and their implications for leadership and business as part of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Global events platform, Eventerprise, is proud to host the first Digital Platform Summit on African soil from 15 – 16 November in Cape Town, South Africa. Its main purpose – to address some of the most pressing challenges concerning adoption, development, and investment in platform markets.

As technological innovation continues to disrupt more traditional business models, digital platforms are uniquely positioned to flourish, due to their scalability, recurring revenues, and service delivery automation. The transparency and universal benchmarks they create are transforming industries as diverse as travel and consumer goods. And their effect on the global market is significant – the top 50 platform companies now have a combined market capitalization of nearly $5 trillion, displacing many companies that follow a traditional model.

But is there equal access to this powerful business model?

Topics that will be covered at the summit include: Building and running digital platforms • The evolution of the developer ecosystem in the Age of Platforms • How VCs view the platform market • The future of payments in a platform economy • Digital DNA injection through platform partnerships • Inspired partnerships are key to early-stage platform growth

To introduce these topics in an insightful manner, Eventerprise has invited a list of speakers and presenters who are at the forefront of platform strategy and technology, such as Marshall Van Alstyne, Sangeet Choudhary, and Geoffrey Parker (co-authors of Platform Revolution), Tyler Sloat (CFO at Zuora), and Peter Schwartz (Senior VP Strategic Planning at Salesforce).

An open invitation has been extended to all corporations, including those representing industries such as processor manufacturers, operating system vendors, laptop -, tablet – and smartphone manufacturers, internet service providers, telecommunication service providers, software developers, as well as management, consulting and professional services firms, early-stage companies and startups, to join the first Eventerprise Digital Platform Summit as presenters, attendees, and sponsors.

Sponsorship will ensure exposure to some of the top minds on the planet. This is the place to meet, influence, and learn from the top scientists, researchers, teachers, and designers building tomorrow’s technologies. It’s an opportunity to not just show off your best products and ideas, but to build networks and relationships for the future.

Explore the various sponsorship options and find out more about the Summit.