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The new Eventerprise profile dashboard offers even more insights and functionality

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The new Eventerprise profile dashboard offers even more insights and functionality

By: Guest Author

We all know that feeling we get when we buy new clothes, get a new haircut or when that diet finally starts kicking in – it’s sheer joy! Our Eventerprise profile dashboard got a little makeover and we can’t get enough of its new look.

Our Eventerprise profile dashboard has far more to offer than good looks, it’s the full package. Your profile dashboard can be used to gain useful insight into your event business through helpful analytics, making your life that much easier.

It’s as easy as signing up for Facebook

Just like signing up for a Facebook account or an online shopping site, our Eventerprise profile starts in the exact same way. All we need is your basic information to get started with your Eventerprise profile.

The User Details have been updated and you now have the option to add your cell phone number. Once you have verified your number you have the option to select what types of text messages you would like to receive. This gives you more control over your profile and helps you reply to potential clients faster.

Messages from event hosts/suppliers or vendors

Requests for a quote or proposal

Notifications about updates, billing and more

Beauty and brains

Your dashboard is your one-stop shop for everything you need to know about your Eventerprise profile. From your account details to your profile statistics, it’s all laid out in an easy to use way giving you the chance to concentrate on your event business.

Staying up-to-date with developments in the event community is vital if you want your business to thrive, which is why we have included links to our latest blog posts in your dashboard. Now you’ll know about the latest trends and news as they happen. Bookmark anything you find interesting or helpful right from your dashboard.

We want you to be a superstar

We all knew that kid in school who boasted about all the trophies they’d won, how fast they ran or how smart they were. Well, we want you to be that annoying kid and boast about your Eventerprise profile ranking, forget about modesty!

EventerScore allows you to display your ranking badge and show potential customers how well you fare in your respective category. From Rising Star to Grand Champion, your ranking is another way of boosting the presence of your event business.

Our dashboard gives you the opportunity to view your statistics in a useful way so you can understand how your event business is performing. View your metrics over different time periods ranging from the current day to what has been going on over the last year.

What do these metrics include?

The number of times your profile has been viewed

How many times it has been favourited

The number of connections you’ve made

The number of times your profile has been shared

The number of reviews you’ve received

We didn’t stop there, you can see exactly who viewed your profile and where they are located. You also have the option of downloading a CSV file so that you can keep track of what has been happening on your profile whenever you want.

Request your own reviews

Time waits for no one and having valuable reviews on your profile is an extremely beneficial asset. One of the biggest improvements on our new dashboard is the ability to request reviews from your previous clients. The whole process is incredibly simple and won’t take you more than a few minutes. The best part is that it can all be done from your dashboard.

Customise the message to each of your clients and send them a link where they can review the services you provided. This is an easy, time-efficient way to get valuable reviews for your event business.

Take charge of your billing

Running a business is stressful enough, we don’t want you to worry about your billing each month, and that’s why the dashboard does all the work for you. Adding a payment method to your dashboard is easy – we don’t want you to spend time worrying about technicalities. You can set up a default payment option and add alternative payment methods. That’s right, you can now save more than one payment method to your profile.

Forget about your monthly invoice turning up in your spam folder, now you can download it straight from your profile. You no longer need to waste time searching through your emails.

Change the profile plan you are on, move between account options or pause your profile right from your dashboard. There is no need to phone or email anyone to make the changes you want.

What does this mean for your event business?

With the new Eventerprise profile dashboard it’s easier to analyse and manage your Eventerprise profile and your connections. One of the biggest improvements is the ability to request reviews from previous clients straight from your profile dashboard.

Update your Eventerprise profile or create one today.