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Part 7:An update on what 2019 Q3 / Q4 have in store for Eventerprise

Written by Robyn Blassoples · 2 min read >

Barry Blassoples Eventerprise VP of Growth, sat down with Birgit as part of a ‘Getting to know Birgit Thümecke’ Interview series.

Video Transcription

Birgit: I don’t want to use the word motivate others because you can’t. I had to unlock the motivation within others, within their intrinsic own motivation, and I think I’m pretty good at that because, as I said earlier, I like to relate with people. Right? I’m very nosy by nature. I want to know why are you not smarter today? Why didn’t you pitch the other time? Why didn’t you finish that project? Not to reprimand and not to be in control, just because I’m interested in the people I work closely with.

Birgit: And I also need to understand, okay, I can’t rely on this person right now, which is normal because we’re never on our A-game every day. So, now I need to redeploy this exercise to that person so that after all the teams still finish us the job. And I think a good team can always carry one or two people that are not in their top game. I think that’s an expectation I would have to every team.

Birgit: I would try to find the trigger points in the people, and I know what they like and love because they told me what they enjoyed in their life. And I would like to pitch it to them so they can relate in their own value system to why they’re actually delivering on what I ask them to do if you know what I mean.

Birgit: And that is where leadership has a little bit of manipulating others. It is, yeah.

Barry B: They call it persuasion.

Birgit: Yeah. Yes, absolutely. Yes, you have to be persuasive, and you must have the conviction of what you say. If it’s not coming from a true place, if, let’s say, I have to tell you to do something that I myself are not convinced of, then it becomes a little bit of a problem.

Birgit: And then I think, and while, let’s say, one or two do to these tasks out of 10, you’re not 100% convinced of, you know? Should we do this interview now or not? You know, like all these… But if the overall picture works for you, then it’s fine.

Birgit: But I have seen examples where the person has actually gone dormant in the company, just wants to sit it out until the pension check comes. This is unhealthy, and as such, in a role like this, you can’t be inspiring. You can’t motivate. You’re actually harming yourself in the environment.

Birgit: Then again, it is what it is. It’s not a party every day. I’m not sure. Did that answer your question?

Barry B: You did. You did, 100%. Perfect. As we into our [inaudible 00:02:53] today, which has been fantastic, and been insightful. Thank you. Perhaps just a short recap on Eventerprise and what’s been keeping us busy over, I’d say, the last quarter, or so. And what we’re looking forward to and planning on executing, as we move into Q3 and Q4 this year.

Birgit: Okay, so the last quarter was filled with a lot of fundraising activity, investor relations. We are in our late seed round now. This is the last time we take money for convertible notes, for convertible loans.

Birgit: The next step would be an A round, but that’s only arising before the first or second quarter, around in 2020. So yeah, we’ll be very busy raising funds. We’ve still got $825,000 open, outstanding in this current round. What we want to do with this money, is go to market in Los Angeles, in LA County, and that is what we’re really excited on doing.

Birgit: So while it’s very important to obviously expand your network, go on pitch events as we’ve done in this quarter and tell everybody about your fine business case, which is really good, so you also get to share a good story and convince other people of what you are convinced of, we actually want to to work. We actually want to do what we’re here for at Eventerprise and that is, unleash everything onto the LA market; launch there, show a superb product-market fit, and then raise Series A consecutively early next year. That’s where we’re at, and that’s where we’re going.

Barry B: Thank you. Well, that’s it for this video. If you’ve enjoyed what you’ve seen or you feel that it’s adding some value to you or to someone you know, feel free to like, share, or comment below.

Barry B: If you have any questions for Birgit, feel free to add them as comments. We will certainly be reading them and getting back to each of you. Use the #AskBirgit hashtag when you do so.