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Pencil It In – Festival Top 5

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For Cape Town’s fashionistas, July/August means one thing – Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Year in, year out, this event sets the city a buzz.

The 2015 edition was no different. Celebrities, socialites and fashion enthusiasts alike descended on the WaterShed at the V&A Waterfront to watch South Africa’s finest designers showcase their 2016 Spring/Summer collection.

Missed out on all of the action? Fear not, KLûK CGDT’s photographs will continue to be exhibited at the beautiful CAAM gallery in De Waterkant until 8 August.


OBON FESTIVAL – Japan: 8-16 August, 2015

It is believed that during Obon, ancestral spirits return home to our world. To welcome the spirits, people hang lanterns in front of their homes, offer food to the spirits in temples, adorn their graves with flowers, and perform outdoor dances, known as Bon dances. The end of the festival is truly beautiful and quite a spectacle; floating lanterns are placed in seas, rivers and lakes in order to guide the spirits back into their own world.

SHAMBHALA – Salmo, Canada: 7-10, August 2015

Shambhala is certainly unique. DJs play in the very heart of a forest, out of old cedar tree stumps, surrounded by various entertainers (including fairies and fire-breathers). Oh, and before I forget, there is no booze on-site. Now I know some of you are sitting there stroking your non-existent beards, pondering if you could do a music festival without alcohol? But, the feel and vibe of Shambhala is unlike any other EDM festival. It’s about getting back in touch with nature, in a manner you have never done before.

GUCA TRUMPET FESTIVAL – Guca, Serbia: 3-9 August, 2015

They say that it is difficult to explain Guca (said: ‘gu-cha’) if you haven’t experienced it first-hand. Some publications have dubbed it as ‘a must see’, while others have labelled it ‘the wildest music festival on earth.’ One thing is for certain, this is a festival unlike any other.

The Roma bands will take you on a crazy musical voyage – from emotive Serbian ballads, right through to upbeat, adrenalin pumping songs. One minute you’ll be missing people you’ve never even met, the next you’ll be breaking it down in ways you couldn’t imagine. All without understanding a single lyric.

Guca is pure hedonism, a unique celebration of life. Come, and you will leave with an abundance of memories (well, maybe). Oh and don’t worry about purchasing a ticket… There is no such thing. Just rock up, alongside 600,000 others, and let the good times roll.

OPPIKOPPI – Northam, South Africa: 7-9 August 2015

What began as a mostly rock orientated festival, has gradually become a melting pot of musical genres. Anything and everything goes. You can expect to hear it all from hip hop, kwaito, through to comedy acts, jazz, EDM. But the real beauty of this festival lies in its surroundings. Incredible hills and the harsh natural beauty of the South African bush, make this an incredible experience. One piece of advice: pack well! The temperatures during the day can be scorching, while at night they can drop to darn near freezing.