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Press Release: Eventerprise Closes New Capital

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Eventerprise Closes New Capital for Industry’s First Comprehensive Marketplace for Event Hosts, Planners, Service Providers and Vendors

January 24, 2019, at 12:00 AM PST

Event planning and logistics finally comes of age digitally, with the US market launch of Eventerprise’s online platform for event hosts, planners, service providers and vendors. The first close of capital, with support from Silicon Valley and global investors in the events and digital marketplace spheres, spurs launch into the Los Angeles market and beyond.

SAN FRANCISCO — Jan. 24, 2019 – Eventerprise AG, an advanced startup providing the event industry’s first digital marketplace for event planners and professionals, announced the first closing of capital in its US market launch fundraising. The company’s flagship offering streamlines sourcing, validating, and engaging with service and product providers for events of all sizes and shapes.

Launched in 2015 by founders Birgit Thümecke, Charlie Wright and Gotz Thümecke, Eventerprise delivers a marketplace solution where providers of services products and venues can be easily found and validated by trusted, verified reviews. Hosts and planners can engage with multiple providers to get and compare quotes, check and create reviews, and manage the complex process of staging an event of any size, from a backyard party to a corporate convention.

“Until now the event industry has been without one universal umbrella platform incorporating all verticals – from event planner to plumber, entertainment, food, venues and everything in between,” said Charlie Wright, Eventerprise’s Chief Events Officer. “Robust solutions for attendee management and logistics have evolved and thrived, as shown by the recent $2.7 billion EventBrite IPO. But the other side of the coin – event production – is actually a far bigger piece of the puzzle economically, and we are the first platform to address it comprehensively.”

Investment support from industry and business leaders

“This round of capital is being supported early-stage investors who recognize the rare combination of opportunity, market size, team, and strategy that Eventerprise presents. The first close has brought in about 25% of a USD $1.1 million raise, with an interest pipeline that should allow us to close the remainder in short order,”

said Peter Henry, Managing Partner of Act 5 Ventures LLC, the San Francisco-based firm that has advised and positioned the company’s fundraising strategy, and will lead a syndicate of investors in Eventerprise.

Two-way marketplaces, creating network effects across an interactive community of customers and supporting both product and service providers have disrupted and modernized other marketplaces such as home improvement and consumer retail.

Eventerprise is part of the latest generation of these marketplaces, dedicated to events, addressing the unique needs and workflows of a specific industry. The platform has been developed and tested across smaller global markets and is now ready for full-scale market launch in the world’s largest events market, the United States. Los Angeles is the company’s first geographic region for launch and will be followed by expansion strategically to other regions.

“With my Eventerprise investment, I was motivated by the simple fact that both the jockey and the horse are already in place. The management team is seasoned, professional and 100% focused on the success of the business. They have already built such a comprehensive platform from a technological and user perspective with limited resources,” said Michael Berman, President of Stuart Rentals, event infrastructure provider and part of global event vendor The Arena Group. “Their track record leads me to trust their ability to use additional funds productively.”

About Eventerprise

The founders are a close unit and diverse team, drawing years of international award-winning experience and executive level leadership from across the corporate, retail and event industries. Between the founders and early-stage investors, the team have already invested over US2m and together they have successfully deployed a distributed workforce across international hubs and retain full ownership.

Accredited investors can contact the company or Act 5 Ventures with interest in the ongoing fundraising round. Any material in this communication may not be construed as a recommendation or an offer to buy or sell any security, financial product or instrument. Additional disclosures can be found at


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