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Female Founders Own 17 Percent Of VC Capital

Written by Birgit Thümecke · 1 min read >

Female Founders Own 17 Percent Of VC Capital

By: Birgit Thumecke

As we look back at Q1 for 2019, we can see some interesting trends starting to emerge. One of the most significant new trends is that 17% of VC funding in 2019 has gone to companies with at least one female founder receiving VC funding.

For the last four quarters we have seen an uptick in later stage funding to female founders. In fact, an increase in the percent in Q1 2019 to female and male co-founded teams is due in large part to investments over $100 million to these teams. The most significant investments in this category are from Asia and one in Europe as reported by our own Natasha Mascarenas for Crunchbase News. These companies include Grab, Horizon Robotics, Dada, Zilingo, and RELEX Solutions. For 2018, the second quarter produced the largest funding round of 2018, with $14 billion into Ant Financial in China. This round boosted the percent of 2018 fundings with at least one female founder to 17 percent for the year. If you exclude this single round, 2018 would have been around 12 percent to companies with at least one female founder. All Raise, the organization bringing together women in venture to support female founders, has set a target of 25 percent of funding within the next five years to companies with a female founder. Of the $8.1 billion raised by women in the first quarter of 2019, 16 known rounds were above $100 million, making up for 57 percent ($4.5 billion) of the dollar amounts raised by companies with at least one female founder. For male only founders, $19.7 billion was raised across 75 known rounds representing 51 percent of dollars to male-only founders. Year over year this dollar amount for companies with a female founder has increased close to threefold.

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