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Eventerprise is a tech company on a mission to connect the world of events. We do this by ensuring that our technology is accessible, inclusive, and affordable across an underserved market.

We make it easier to create memorable experiences by helping you find the best vendors, venues and event professionals, all on one platform.

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A word from Co-founder & CEO Birgit Thumecke

Access Our Due Diligence Report

Key Endorsements for Eventerprise

Dr. Rajen Kilachand

Dr. Rajen Kilachand is not only an early believer and investor in Eventerprise, but a world-renowned businessman and prolific philanthropist.

“I have known Charlie for a number of years and his friendship and absolute commitment to what he does, along with his integrity as a businessman are what have convinced me to get behind Eventerprise, and I’m delighted to be part of the early pioneers in this platform.” >> Read More >>  

Michael Berman shares his thoughts on his decision to invest in Eventerprise

Peter Henry

Peter Henry is Founder & Managing Partner of Act 5 Ventures LLC, which specializes in private equity transactions for seed and early-stage companies in a variety of industries. 

“From an investment perspective, having also invested in over 50 early-stage ventures as an active angel, and as mentor to scores more, I rarely find a company that is so well buttoned-up in terms of vision, marketplace understanding and sizing, team, and go-to-market business strategy. The fact that the leadership team has been building this business, as well as their ability to work as a well-oiled machine, for the last few years is a tremendous edge that few startups can claim.” >> Read More >>

Our Agile Team Delivers The Goods

Co-founder / CEO

As CEO, Birgit is part of Eventerprise’s executive team and responsible for a broad portfolio that includes corporate affairs, finance and operations, and global talent acquisition. Her twenty-plus years in executive and operational management roles adds substantial business leadership and customer experience insight to the Eventerprise management team.

Co-founder / CTO

As Co-founder and CTO, Götz is a dynamic start-up entrepreneur and natural born disruptor with a drive for innovation. His 20+ years experience of developing marketing-, branding-, and customer-experience strategies and an enthusiastic leadership style have played a pivotal role in Eventerprise’s evolution from incipient idea to global platform with participation in 80+ countries. 

Events Entrepreneur

A 25-year veteran of the global events industry, Charlie brings invaluable industry insights and the proven ability to supervise large commercial operations and foster new relations to the Eventerprise executive team. As co-founder, Event Entrepreneur, and resident subject matter expert, his portfolio includes the driving of overall vision and strategy, taking the lead in international investor outreach, and presenting the Eventerprise value proposition to strategic partners.

The Eventerprise opportunity

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