Do you have the right skills for a successful career?

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Do you have the right skills for a successful career?

By: Guest Author

While most students and graduates understand that the job market requires specific skills, there still seems to be a struggle to develop those skills. Just as quick as a new skill arrives, another becomes non-existent. So, what does this mean for recruiters and for students who want to take the first steps in their careers?

The recently defined concept of learnability focuses on an individual’s hunger to continuously develop skills that will allow them to stand out among the crowd of applicants applying for the same internship or job position. There are two sides to this concept though, to hire the right people employers and recruiters also need to focus on learnability.

Up to 65% of the jobs Generation Z will perform don’t even exist yet and up to 45% of the activities people are paid to perform today could be automated using current technology – World Economic Forum

So how do millennials ensure that they are developing the necessary skills to be employable and what are these skills? Research has shown that millennials are prepared to pay and spend time developing critical work skills, but are hampered by the fact that the required skills may change over time. That’s why employers should adopt a fresh approach by providing a learning culture through which employees can adopt learnability and be rewarded for developing themselves personally and professionally. It makes sense from a company perspective as employee development plays a large role in their retention.

At Eventerprise we recruit students and graduates from around world by testing each candidate’s digital skills. A potential candidate will undergo three general assessments which include basic digital skills, project management skills and social media skills. But it goes far beyond this as we look for candidates who are eager to learn, enjoy working in a demanding and agile environment, and have the ability to communicate well and play nice within a tightly-knit team.

Eventerprise provides the ideal environment for students and graduates to gain skills that can future-proof their careers. Our CEO, Gotz Thumecke is fond of saying, “We’ve created an empowering environment that provides millennials the opportunity to give us their best shot”. It is part of our culture to encourage Young Guns and PostGrads (interns) to learn from one another by working together on different projects.

It’s important for millennials to be flexible in any type of environment, and as a recruiter, it’s one of the first questions that I ask a candidate. If a student or graduate isn’t willing to move between departments within our organisation, then they aren’t the right fit. In HR for an example, I do not just focus on recruitment, training, and onboarding, my duties also consist of marketing, social media, a bit of content writing, project management and many other tasks. This allows me to develop a wide array of skills that will benefit me in any other organisation.

Learnability is something that I am developing as an individual, and as a recruiter has started looking for in candidates. So, my question to you is, do you have the necessary skills to become employable?

Find out how you can develop the skills that could future-proof your career.