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Save time and create flawless events with EventerQuote/RFP

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Save time and create flawless events with EventerQuote/RFP

By: Guest Author

Event planning would be less stressful and time-consuming if hosts didn’t have to wade through a mountain of unverified information first. Caterers, venues, florists and entertainment are only a few examples of the suppliers that are often required for a successful event. To find the right one, you need to collect multiple quotes for each category before you can make an informed decision. And there lies the problem.

We have all lived through the insane amount of results search engines like Google throw at us. If you don’t find what you’re looking for on the first page, you’re doomed to scrolling through endless web pages that don’t have what you’re looking for either. As anyone who has tried to host an event knows, planning an event can be one of the most challenging things in life – with no industry connections or professional advisors, the whole thing can quickly descend into hopelessness.

When Michelle and Noah got engaged they couldn’t wait to jump into the planning of their wedding. Little did they know, they were jumping into a cauldron of hot, boiling water. Something as simple as finding a venue for their special day turned into a long, stressful ordeal. This was their process:

Step 1 – Find potential venues

On Google, the happy couple used the search term “beautiful wedding venue” and a long list of what seemed like amazing venues appeared. All the lovely options sent shivers down their spines and they would have been happy with any one of them.

Step 2 – Collect venue information

Michelle and Noah now had to jot down each venue’s contact email or telephone number. Ten wedding venues, ten websites, ten contact emails and ten emails to send. At the time, they were so excited that they didn’t realise how inefficient and time-consuming this process was.

Step 3 – Make contact

When they finally collected the contact information of their favourite venues, they started requesting quotes and enquiring about date availability. As venue representatives started to reply to their queries, they realised that their favourite venues were too expensive. They needed to find other options.

Despite their disappointment, there was nothing left to do but try different search terms and repeat the whole horrid process. Hours of searching and quote requesting turned into days, weeks, and then months.

Three frustrating months after starting their search, they still had no suitable venue options. Options were either too expensive, too small, had inconvenient locations, and most importantly, no reviews to give them peace of mind. Ultimately, the process was putting strain on what was supposed to be one of the happiest and most exciting times of their lives.

On the other hand, if they submitted an EventerRFP it would have saved them a lot of time and anguish. By submitting one online form with all the details of their event (including all the products and services required, as well as the available budget) and sending it via an automated system to multiple suppliers, the process of getting quotes or proposals are streamlined in a huge way.

Now Michelle and Noah can sit back and wait for quotes from interested suppliers that meet the requirements in the RFP, and best of all, compare them not only on price, but also based on feedback from previous clients.

The benefits of EventerRFP:

Saves time

Reduces the risk in selection of event suppliers

Introduces you to new suppliers that you may not find on Google

All suppliers are verified and reviewed

Only engage with suppliers who can comply with your specific needs

A systemised process for selecting suppliers

No compromising!

EventerRFP not only makes things easier for couples who are planning their weddings, it can be utilised for the entire world of events – from security and digital content providers to corporate event planners and accommodation. Apart from saving you a massive amount of time, EventerRFP puts the fun back into event planning so you can host your events with less stress and more success.

Submit your EventerRFP to stop wasting time and get your event right the first time.