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Skynet is going live and Eventerprise will be part of it

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Most of us have heard of Skynet, the fictional artificial intelligence system that plays the main antagonist in the Terminator franchise. When it gains self-awareness (‘goes live’) it sets the premise for the dystopian future that the movies are based on. Today that future doesn’t look so implausible anymore, with every business intelligence player and his dog, from Accenture to Gartner and A.T. Kearney coming out with predictions over the looming artificial intelligence boom heading our way.

According to Gartner, A.I. and machine learning will soon become part of everyday appliances and kick off a new wave of innovative disruption. Intelligent apps like virtual private assistants will be able to prioritise your email and tag important content. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg, by using A.I. business processes can be automated on a much more sophisticated level than ever before. In combination with IoT (internet of things) this will create an intelligent ‘mesh’ of interconnected processes and products that will surround us on a 24/7 basis.

The proliferation of A.I. in every-day life will in part be due to new tools like Facebook’s and Howdy’s Slack bot that will make it easier for more companies to create intelligent apps. One particular form of intelligent app, the A.I. chatbot that uses a knowledge base in combination with machine learning to answer questions, is already becoming more ubiquitous and will have important implications for customer service and sales strategies. (Side note: Machine learning helps a chatbot to learn from conversations and create context and results in better responses. You can play around with one at

With people now spending more time in messaging apps than on social media, variations on chat bots will be how they access all sorts of services. This follows the trend to support the client wherever they are and in the most expedient, effective way possible.

Eventerprise has recognised the value of this trend and used it to drive the development of EventerRFP, software that distributes requests for quotes and proposals in an intelligent manner. Instead of wasting time looking for service providers all over the internet, potential clients can now just fill in one online form with all the details of their event and it gets distributed within the stipulated parameters to qualified service providers. So, whether you want to organise a high school reunion in a brewery or a convention for orthodontists in Guatamala, you can now get quotes or proposals for all the components of your event – venue, catering, entertainment etc. – within a few days.

Except for the obvious time-saving aspect, an intelligent, automated quote/proposal process also has the advantage of being free of (suspect) human intervention, creating a level playing field for suppliers and allowing clients to choose service providers purely based on merit. And if that doesn’t make you love Skynet nothing will.

Need to organize an event? Give EventerRFP a whirl and find out how much it easier it is to create flawless events.