A Small Town Illinois MBA Comes to Cape Town to Visit Eventerprise

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A Small Town Illinois MBA Comes to Cape Town to Visit Eventerprise

By: Guest Author

Ok, that title is misleading. The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign has more then 65,000 registered students at any given time, despite being in the middle of the corn-fields that make up the middle of the USA. On top of that, I’m actually from Washington D.C. and no stranger to globe-trotting, (most recently having spent two months backpacking across China with barely passable Mandarin and an iPhone translator app) but like my father loves to say “Never let the facts get in the way of a good story.” He also loves stealing quotes from Mark Twain.

Our university has a program whereby the MBA class, before going off to jobs with companies like Deloitte, McKinsey and Goldman, provide consulting services to exciting start-ups all around the world. I was lucky enough to be placed on a project working with the dynamic team here at Eventerprise.

Using all of our cutting edge MBA know-how, we were meant to come in and provide an outside perspective on trends and techniques as applicable to the future scale-up of this fine organization within a global context. I like to think we did a bit of this along the way, but what we really learned was more valuable than words can say.

But let’s have a go anyway shall we?

What strikes me most, looking back over my time working with Eventerprise, is the way that every decision affecting the company today, every turn on the road to each new feature roll-out, was weighed against the future. It was a conversation between who they are, and who they know they can be.

There is a core philosophy at Eventerprise. One you won’t find written on station head or chanted in-staff meetings, but it permeates everything they do. Day in and day out, Götz, Charlie and the rest of the team live this philosophy with quiet determination and unwavering commitment. It’s not enough for them simply to disrupt the events industry, as surely they are poised to do. It’s not just about removing the waste and the opacity from the process, although this is undeniably necessary. This group, small though they have started out, are committed, body and soul, to building something real. Something that will last. They are not just taking the pain out of the event planning process; they are not just connecting vendors and hosts like never before; they are creating a network and culture that doesn’t just accept that the very best on offer is good enough.

The meaning of Eventerprise, the website, the dashboard, the team, is Choice.

This is the part where I would normally lapse into MBA speak about removing the barriers between supply and demand and the tragedy of asymmetric information, but the reason I’m writing this letter (or blog post or manifesto, depending on who you ask) is because I believe in what they are doing, and I believe in what they can achieve. Not just in taking the pain out of event planning (a tall order in and of itself), but in teaching us to express the inexpressible. Making the intangible tangible. Finding that ephemeral quality that makes a good event great and a great event one that’s talked about for generations.

Eventerprise gives you the ability to make something real and lasting. It gives you the tools to bring perfection to life. In this brave new world of social media and network marketing, people aren’t making purchasing decisions based on billboards or through the yellow pages. People look at what is being said online. By what is being said by their friends, their neighbors, their coworkers. The host that added that special little something to make their event great will be asked for advice for years. The Caterer, florist, DJ and Venue that came together to make that night (or day) possible become more than service providers. They become trusted advisors themselves. And in so becoming, reach beyond the facts and figures to pull at the emotional core that is the unstated goal of host or event planner. They earn real, and abiding trust, which is all any of us are looking for at the end of the day. Someone we can trust in and someone who will trust in us. And I trust in Eventerprise.

In my short time working with Eventerprise I came to understand that this is what they are truly out to accomplish. The events industry will be disrupted, it’s too fractured and tortuous not to be. Eventerprise isn’t going to rise to the top simply by making it easier to plan an event. They are so much further down that road. They are going to make it possible to plan the perfect event, by helping us to explain what makes a moment, an image, a memory, last forever.

For more information about the Eventerprise MBA Program, check out this video: