Two weeks ago the rigorous planning phase for Dublin Web Summit was finally over and our founding team of Anthony, Götz, Birgit and Charlie zipped up their travel bags, laid their weary heads, full of dreams, on cheap airline pillows, and set forth to conquer Ireland.

But the intense brainstorming, pots of coffee, pallets of Red Bull, planning, re-planning and accountability put in place paid off! In huge, giant buckets.

 Not only was Götz’ twitter account ranked the 10th most influential (and that’s out of 42 000 participants,) but we drove 223 000 new impressions on the home page alone. And isn’t that, after all, why you invest in social media in the first place?

It’s all about strategy. And when you’ve got the right (and, apparently, insomniac) team to execute said strategy – magic happens. So, what did we do to create that kind of noise?

First of all, we assigned accountability. Grant, our social media maven was tasked with drawing up the strategy itself. He knew it had to be smarter than usual, as all the social media was being run from back home in Cape Town, while the actual interactions were happening 10 000 km away! He also made sure it was robust, and hit every (relevant) channel simultaneously – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and even the oft-forgot Google+. This all started a week before the event began.

But (and here’s a lesson for everyone), simply posting is not enough! First, all content was measured on a relevance scale, to make sure we were separating ourselves from the noise, rather than adding to it. The targets were (and always have been) investors, like-minded businesses and respected companies, so we had to talk to them as personally as possible. Then, images, videos and gifs were added, making the content consumable, as well as immediately attractive. These days, if you’re relying on just text, you may as well be handing our flyers you printed at home, for all the good it’ll do for your business…

The key to ‘real-time social communication’ is the first part of it – time. It’s, as they say, of the essence. Every meeting that was had, or connection made – heck, every handshake – was chased with personalised messages, and email greetings, as well as LinkedIn connections (it’s there for a reason). In fact, both Charlie and Götz made over 60 new LinkedIn connections from the Web Summit noise alone! Then to keep the iron as hot as the Devil’s bottom, there was a planned follow up, chasing and retweeting.

Team Eventerprise HQ sent out over 1000 Tweets (that’s about 1 every 3 minute). Unreal.

Not only did it connect us, the big-dreaming startup from the tip of Africa, with over 1000 awesome companies, it secured us the next round of funding we were after. Watch this space!

Active social engagement is definitely not a one-man (or woman) job… It needs to be a team effort. All of this could not have been achieved if we didn’t have the right team, who all believe in the product as much as the founders do and, if we’re honest, very little social life…

Notes from the away Eventerprise team


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