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Eventerprise July Stakeholder Report – 2018

Written by Charlie Wright · 4 min read >

Welcome to the second edition of our Stakeholder Report. This is your periodic update on key achievements and activities as we launch and grow the Eventerprise platform’s presence in the US market. Enjoy the read and let us know if you have any comments, queries, or recommendations.


Our investment partnership with Act 5 Ventures has hit its stride with the first tranche of our late seed round expected to close by 31 August, after receiving firm commitments and finalising all the required legal documentation. As they say, the Eventerprise investment opportunity is now 100% open for business!

We are in final negotiations with US-based sales experts and busy laying the groundwork for activation of their services once the late seed round concludes.


Eventerprise’s current go-to-market strategy focuses on the United States and, more specifically, Los Angeles, California, as the first niche geographic location (pocket) in which we will prove product/market fit through demand generation and revenue operations. Thus far we have received endorsements for our approach from leaders in the events industry and greater business world, as well from the heart of Silicon Valley.

Demand Generation

We are conducting an in-depth analysis of all user actions on the platform so that we can mitigate any friction points in the user journey, from first visit to eventual soft and hard conversion points.

Our social media strategy has been revised to improve engagement and the growth of our social media presence by clarifying our primary messages, audience, and ideal customer profile.

Revenue Operations

As part of our ongoing focus on the Los Angeles market we have onboarded five new US-based Sales Heroes to increase vendor engagement and brand awareness in the US events capital.

We have decided to move to a new CRM tool, Highrise, to better integrate with our Basecamp project management software. The new CRM will also provide a more cost-effective and streamlined data management process.

To ensure that we are promoting the right products at different stages of our engagement with both organic and subscribed vendors, we have started planning a new voice channel strategy as part of our omnichannel approach.

Our product & channel sales matrix has also been updated for Q3 2018 to reflect the latest team and technology status.

Content Marketing

Our jam-packed July Investor Crunch celebrated the 34,000 vendors from 90+ countries now on, introduced our magnificent new manifesto, and shared Eventerprise CTO, Gotz Thümecke’s observations from his recent stint in Silicon Valley.

We were privileged to collaborate with two leading vendors, Weddings Costa Rica and Nigella San Francisco, who kindly participated in our case study program to demonstrate the power of Eventerprise business pages. Get in touch if you know of any event clients or vendors who would also like to participate in a case study.

Our new and revamped landing pages include a Designs of the Month page which showcases all our latest designs, and a new look Cooperation Partner page.

In case you missed them. Here are some of our most popular July blog posts:

Our search engine optimization techniques are yielding some good results, with organic traffic increasing every week since June, a bounce rate of only 39%, and zero broken links!

UX Design

Design projects finalised –

We have redesigned the Request for Proposal pool pages, as well as the Event listings pages (both in beta) to be more in line with the rest of the site, making them easier to navigate. Ongoing updates are being made to the user dashboard to deliver enhanced event, quote, profile, and vendor management features.

New projects –

We’re adding an option for vendors to respond to reviews, investigating a potential white label jobs portal which could be a major traffic driver, and busy with a major revamp of our pricing page to enable better conversion rates.


Projects finalised –

The Laravel Spark payment scaffolding has been removed making it easier to integrate new payment formats such as the addition of a bank transfer (ACH) payment option for the US market.

Two new messaging systems (Twilio for SMS and TalkJS for instant messaging) are being beta tested and will not only make connections between vendors and clients faster and more secure, but also increase network effects on the platform.

We have also implemented Trello, a web-based project management application, to formulate and manage our development and UX projects and collaborate with our distributed teams in a more cohesive manner.

New projects –

Next on our development radar is the automated creation of vendor business pages, the implementation of Recommended Vendor certification, the upgrading of our custom search engine for faster, more accurate results, and additional payment methods such as ApplePay, GooglePay, and SamsungPay.


The amazing diversity that makes up the Eventerprise team is one of our core strengths, enabling us to push forward faster and harder. – Eventerprise CTO, Götz Thümecke

Our co-founder and CEO, Birgit Thümecke, has been entered into the Diversity category of the prestigious Digital Female Leadership Awards. Learn more about the awards and vote for her before 15 August.

MBA-graduate, Jason Williamson, has joined the team as our new GotzCEO PostGrad. His extensive sales leadership experience means he will be primarily focused on getting our sales team and sales campaigns into shape.

We are delighted that six new EventerCamp interns from Indonesia, Spain, France, United Kingdom, and Germany have joined our UX Design, Finance, and Digital Business Development departments. We look forward to their contributions and helping them grow cutting-edge digital and entrepreneurial skills.

Our search for global talent has received a significant boost with the adoption of a new, more advanced recruitment platform which will increase the scope of our digital talent sourcing.

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