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Superbcrew Interview: Eventerprise Is The Digital Superhighway For The Global Events Industry Making Event Planning & Event Business Promotion Easier Than Ever

Written by Robyn Blassoples · 4 min read >

Below is a recent interview with Birgit Thümecke, CEO & Co-Founder of Eventerprise:

Q: For those who haven’t heard of it, what is the best way to describe Eventerprise?

A: Our mission is to create transparency and reveal the event community’s true potential. Democratizing the industry and opening the doors for new event pros and gig workers alike.

We’re a platform showcasing event-related businesses, powered by an intelligent quote request system, impartial reviews and the latest search engine technology. If you’re planning any kind of event, Eventerprise is the place to find the products and services you need. Unlike big, generic search engines and social media, we’re all about helping you, the client, get the biggest bang for your buck.

Eventerprise makes it easier than ever before to find, compare and request quotes from local vendors, venues and event professionals.

Q: What kinds of events can you plan?

A: The event technology sector hosts many great companies doing impressive things in specific event verticals and categories. Some specialize in weddings, some in ticketing and attendee management and others in live event tech that elevates the experiential marketing opportunities brands have to connect with audiences at live events.

Eventerprise covers all of these event verticals and categories. We’re an umbrella platform, vertical-agnostic and developed from the ground up for integration and collaboration with event tech solutions. We’ve always seen ourselves as the connector, the conduit between not only the client and vendor but between event tech solutions and vendors too. It’s no coincidence that we’ve implemented OAS3.0 standards for our API. In short, anyone can plan any kind of event on our platform.

Q: Why Eventerprise? What makes you the best choice?

A: The success of any event is dependent on finding who can deliver what, on time and within budget with ease and transparency. This is a global problem for millions of people, every day.

At Eventerprise, we disrupt the status quo. We showcase every vendor, venue and event professional, including the new kids on the block, giving them a digital footprint within a dedicated, relevant ecosystem. We expose their service and product offering to a broader audience than word of mouth or static directories would.

We believe in ‘the more, the merrier’, the more choice a client has the better, and by client we mean the one who pays the bills.

In addition, the vendors’ service is rated and reviewed by clients. Eventerprise facilitates the rating and review process via a proprietary review management system we developed after finding the leading solutions in the market to be a poor fit for our use case. We are ensuring technology is accessible, inclusive and affordable.

The bottom line is that we make it easier to create memorable experiences by helping everyone find the best vendors, venues and event professionals through an intelligent quote request system and impartial third-party reviews, all on one global platform. We put the power back where it belongs, in the hands of the client.

Q: Can you tell us something more about EventerScore? What is it and how does it work?

A: We want to help event vendors, venue owners and planners of all kinds focus on doing what they do best. Planning and executing events and event-related services.

Managing a business’ digital presence can be complex, time-consuming and a drain on very limited resources. EventerScore is a proprietary solution designed to assess an event business’ digital presence and make recommendations on how to improve that presence.

While a vendor’s EventerScore does not rely upon them having a vendor business page on the Eventerprise platform, we do highly recommend it for one simple reason, access to our EventerQuote/RFP system.

EventerQuote/RFP takes a client’s requirements for their event and intelligently matches them to vendors near the event location, broadcasting a notification to the vendors alerting them of the opportunity to submit their proposals to the client.

This fully automated process happens almost instantly. Eliminating the need to search and browse for hours just to find a few quotes for your event.

EventerQuote/RFP will not only save huge amounts of time and effort for event clients and event planners alike but will open doors to new and exciting event solutions that may not have been discovered as easily before.

Everyone wants their event to be unique and memorable. Sourcing quotes and proposals via our EventerQuote/RFP solution is your best bet for ensuring that you’re not serving the same old canapes, in the same old venues, as so many events that have come before. I’m just saying, while salmon blinis are quite tasty, if you’re regularly attending events, you’ll know that they’re being served way too often!

Q: What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced in your business and how did you overcome it?

A: In general, it is still harder for women to achieve success in the business world, compared to their male colleagues. This holds even more true in the tech industry with its massive gender imbalance. According to McKinsey, women occupy 37% of entry-level tech jobs and their representation gets worse as you go up the career ladder, with only 15% reaching the executive level.

Since it has been proven that a lack of ability has nothing to do with this lack of representation, one must look to gender stereotypes and hiring practices as major causes of this imbalance. In the tech world, it is still pretty common to recruit people who are culturally similar, i.e. other (pale) males. The irony is that it has been shown over and over again that diverse teams are more innovative and produce better results.

Early-stage tech companies like Eventerprise thrive on simplicity, equality, and transparency as operating principles. A business model as technically transformational as a multi-sided platform forces you to constantly review all aspects of how you conduct business to ensure the best possible outcomes for your users, your team, and your stakeholders. This implies a constant state of change, which I believe is best approached by a diverse team that utilizes different viewpoints to inspire creative solutions and new product development.

The dearth of venture capital funding for female-founded companies is another gender diversity issue that is very pertinent to startups and early-stage tech companies. Not only does this funding bias hold many women back from participating in the tech economy, but it also has negative implications for overall economic growth. Bottom line, we need more female VC decision-makers.

With women still a rare species in many parts of the tech industry, I believe it is my and other experienced female leaders’ duty to open up opportunities for young women and future leaders by adding our voice to campaigns for change, as well as mentoring and coaching younger females and future leaders.

Q: Would Eventerprise not remove the need for an Event Planner?

A: Not at all. There will never be a substitute for great event planners. Remember, with only the one-shot at event success the client deserves to see all of the options available to them and to understand who does what best. Eventerprise provides transparency for the client by making everyone both visible and competitive on a level playing field at the same time.