Team Spotlight: Timm Bonzio

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Team Spotlight: Timm Bonzio – Jnr Growth Marketer

By: Guest Author

My name is Timm Bonzio, and in November 2017 I joined Eventerprise as a Junior Growth Marketer. This was my second stint at Eventerprise, having previously completed the EventerCamp programme as a Business Development and Investor Relations intern.

I live in Berlin, Germany, and it’s not easy to leave everything behind to work in a different country. So what made me decide to come back? Well, that’s a fairly easy question to answer.

First of all, Eventerprise has a steep learning curve. I can assure you that you would be hard pressed to find another company where you will learn as much, and be given as much responsibility, when you are right at the beginning of your career. From day one, you’ll get the opportunity to work on your own projects, as opposed to doing pointless and repetitive tasks all day. And if you prove yourself and perform well, you will get bigger and more important projects. In addition, you’ll get to know what the term “digital” really means.

Eventerprise’s philosophy is to remain agile, so the company is constantly investigating the newest and most effective tools on the market. Thiat means that you will have the opportunity to learn and understand new technologies, giving you a huge competitive advantage for your future career.

The company culture at Eventerprise is amazing. Flat hierarchies and a dedication to diversity are not experimental concepts here, instead they make Eventerprise the company that it is. You’ll regularly be a part of meetings with heads of departments and the exco team, and your feedback and ideas is not only appreciated, but encouraged. You’ll continuously get feedback on your performance, and if you need guidance or support, the seniors are always available to assist. There are no closed doors, and the management team is always accessible; you may even end up sitting right next to the CEO!

My final reason for coming back to work at Eventerprise is Cape Town itself. With the beaches, mountains, and stunning sunsets, Cape Town is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Would I recommend working at Eventerprise? Anytime.