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The cult of personality

Written by Götz Thümecke · 1 min read >

The cult of personality

By: Götz Thümecke

“All things being equal, people will do business with people they like. All things being unequal, people will still do business with people they like.” – Mark McCormick

At Eventerprise, we do personality. Since ze day we started, we know that ‘who’ we are is as important as ‘what’ we do. Because it’s the ‘who’ that people buy first! As such, the way we write and communicate, the types of communication we use, way we sell ourselves had to embody the Eventerprise personality – and zat personality had to be uniquely ours. That’s what a brand actually is – a personality. And, if there’s one zing that us Germans know, it’s personality…

In a nussschale, if people like you, they get you, they buy you. And it’s worked.

In our case, the platform and what we do is only the one aspect. Equally important is ze what we DON’T do. Our biggest obstacle in the minds of our audience (potential investors, suppliers and hosts) is the aspect of being seen as a directory. Which we are definitely f #%$ing not.

Getting zis concept is almost as important as getting the overall Eventerprise idea. Because the one defines ze other. But how do you get people to get something zats even more vague than ‘service’ – a concept – with zero room for misunderstanding? You apply the same lessons from your brand.

If people like (the concept), they get (the concept) and they buy (the concept).

So, we created #Eventi, a real figure which claims via its main slogan #NotADirectory. She is the concept anthropomorphised. She is becoming part of our marketing, and our execution. She will follow us to events and summits, and we will make videos about her. She’s cute, She’s ‘hip’ (another German speciality) and She’s likable. And, through her, we will transfer the idea into the minds of our audience.

Not only do anthropomorphised ideas drive understanding, but they drive value – like a monster truck. SalesForce’s mascot, Saasy, is valued at $100m.

And it won’t stop there. Like all good characters, the more exposure they get, the more they are believed in, the more value they are responsible for. So, #Eventi will become the ‘voice’ of Eventerprise for any user. We’re currently building an entire back-end chatbot system (think Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa), so she can intelligently interact with our users, making the entire experience faster, easier and more human (ironically).

A friend of mine, Andreas von der Heydt (now head of Kindle’s content says, “In 2016 we’re going to start to see more personal assistants – aka ‘Chatbots’ – and the ones that are already online will get much smarter.” We expect that #Eventi will be leading the charge.

People like stories. And people like the characters within those stories. They give us something to tag along with, and to follow behind. Something (someone?) to believe in. And if you can create that character, and Pied-Piper your audience along with them, then suddenly ze act of selling an idea becomes a whole lot easier, and your idea becomes the person they like, that they will do business with.