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The Eventerprise Culture

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Welcome to the tribe. We hope your journey as an Eventerpriser is going to be as exciting, rewarding, and stimulating as it has been for the rest of us. We believe that culture is not just one thing; it’s everything. Our culture drives expectations and beliefs. Expectations and beliefs drive behaviour. Behaviour drives habits. And habits create our future.

Our philosophies

At Eventerprise we prefer to do the walk rather than the talk, but there are a few fundamental philosophies that we live by every day.

Go do

  • Talk is cheap, once the strategy is in place it’s time to roll up your sleeves and execute the plan.

Kind & assertive

  • We believe in open communication and treat each other with respect, but also hold each other accountable.

Force it

  • Where there’s a will, there’s always a way. The difference between success and failure is commitment to your goals and finding a way to them.


  • We don’t do busy being busy. Your activities should always be focused on driving the good ship Eventerprise forward by adding concrete value.

Break it

  • Aka failing forward. Overcoming fear of failure is key to entrepreneurship. The faster you fail the quicker you learn and the quicker you learn the faster you get to the solution.

Keep educating yourself

  • Continuous, self-directed learning keeps us ahead of the curve and promotes personal growth.

Pay it forward

  • We show our gratitude by giving back on different levels, e.g. free access to skills development, free digital visibility for event vendors, and participation in

People we enjoy working with:

  •  are not afraid of hard-working, fast-paced environments
  •  thrive on new challenges
  • are inquisitive and collaborative
  • respect and support their team mates
  •  are serious about contributing to something bigger than themselves
  •  take goals and deadlines (and not themselves) seriously
  •  have the ability to think out of the box

Our minimum expectations

To ensure a harmonious, productive work place that promotes fast-forward momentum we have some minimum expectations of all team members.

Follow up and follow through. The job is not done until it’s done. Double check that all tasks are properly executed with the required attention to detail. Sloppy execution wastes enormous amounts of time and frustrates your fellow team members.

Show initiative. We don’t do spoonfeeding. Continuous learning is part of our DNA and you will be required to do lots of research to find the best way to execute tasks and projects. Dig in and you will soon be a problem solver of note.

Keep communication clear, concise, respectful, and appropriate. We work in a fast-paced distributed environment that requires multiple communication channels. Making sure that your messages are unambiguous and to the point is simply good manners.

Acknowledge messages addressed to you within an appropriate time frame. Make sure the other person knows that you know and that you are aware of any calls for action.

We don’t do self-entitlement. Drama queens who thrive on hear-say, gossip, arguments and causing friction can stay at home. Bring a positive can-do attitude to everything you do – you will be a happier person for it too.

Yes, even though we are a young company there are protocols and you need to follow them. If you have an issue, the right way to address it is to approach your HOD in private. If he or she can’t resolve the matter you are welcome to escalate the issue to an Exco member. We do not appreciate negativity, outbursts or accusations in communal work spaces, whether they be digital communication channels or face to face.

Make sure your glass is half-full. Positivity breeds success and we want you to taste lots of that during your Eventerprise journey. Our audacious mission to build a global platform for the events industry is the first of its kind, which means loads of challenges and seemingly insurmountable odds. But that is why we love what we do – nothing like a good challenge to get you out of bed in the morning.

Have a laugh and enjoy yourself. We don’t take ourselves serious, we take the work serious. A well-developed sense of humour will take you far at Eventerprise. In fact, we may even have the world’s only funny German CEO running the show.

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