It’s what makes the tiniest little Mentos sweet explode if you drop it into a bottle of Coke. It’s what makes big booms and small booms, and electricity and even spontaneous combustion.

You could say the whole world, and every great thing in it, started with chemistry of some sort. One small force pushing up against another fierce object, resulting in something truly spectacular.

It’s this kind of chemistry I’d like you to imagine bubbling and forming one innocent Saturday morning in a gym somewhere in South Africa, in a spin class, where Charlie Wright first met Gotz Thumecke. Two unsuspecting men, who had no idea at the time that they were about to change the world of events irrevocably and forever. They quickly discovered that they not only shared a great passion for exercise, but they also shared a love of entrepreneurship and a mission to get out there and revolutionize the world of events.

A little while later they met again as guests at a product launch. Which regrettably for the organisers didn’t go as planned. In fact it was shambolic. Charlie and Gotz felt for the client, but the chaos inspired them, fired them up, and got them going, and that was the spark of their big idea. But as with all really really big ideas, it wasn’t born fully formed, it needed work. A lot of work. So the guys spent months between their homes, thrashing the idea out on white boards, felling forests and filling reams of paper with thoughts. Refining, rehashing and honing the spark. All this through bleary new-dad, little-sleep eyes.

They may have been blurred at the edges through lack of sleep, but neither of them had ever seen anything more clearly in their entire lives. They spent months fine-tuning their business case and foreseeing the future of their industry.

But let’s go back a step and establish some scaffolding. Charlie is no stranger to triumph, having founded an award-winning events business in the Middle East – now part of the world’s fast growing event consortium, he and Götz saw the gap in the market and pounced on it. Why not, they had the requisite first hand experience to disrupt the global events industry and deliver precisely what it needs; a comprehensive, global, rated portal.

And what about Gotz? He comes from a celebrated career in marketing and consulting, having worked with many leading European brands. He also established three successful businesses between Berlin and Cape Town. He’s a natural entrepreneur and true leader in every sense. Gotz also founded a non-profit organisation in South Africa and counts happiness, strong leadership and absolute commitment as his core principles.

This is a remarkable business partnership, higher grade chemistry, Einstein stuff, forged across two continents (Gotz is German and Charlie Anglo Norwegian), coming together to create Eventerprise, a revolutionary, game- changing new way of doing business in the world of events.

How do you capture something as ethereal and slippery as the chemistry between two like-minded entrepreneurs? It’s about living, breathing, dreaming, eating and sleeping what they do, and never letting up until it’s a worldwide phenomenon. It’s about the pride they have in this brand they’ve invented from the ground up, and being part of a community that makes this kind of difference in the world.

So of course you could say that Eventerprise is a dedicated, and select online platform where event hosts and suppliers find each other. Like a dating portal, but with global access, and local reach. All the pieces, in one place, no matter where you are.

Every listed specialist rated and reviewed, so that hosts can make truly qualified decisions. 100% easy. 100% transparent. You could say that, yes, because that’s exactly what they do, but what they do is so much more than that. It’s chemistry.

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About Warwick Levey

Warwick is an all-around, analytics-driven, digital and SEO nerd. He spent 15-years running a private school, before becoming a web developer. After seeing that the sites he was building weren't getting much traffic, Warwick became obsessed with SEO and Digital Strategy. He is the SEO Lead and Head of Content at Eventerprise.

"Content Marketing isn't just a catchphrase; it's today's essential revolutionary movement for business development."
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