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The Eventerprise Manifesto

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The spark that ignited our Eventerprise vision

By: Eventerprise

t’s what makes the tiniest little Mentos sweet explode when dropped into a bottle of Coke. It’s what makes big booms and little booms, and electricity and even spontaneous combustion. You could say the whole world, and every great thing in it started with chemistry of some sort. One small force pushing against another resulting in something truly spectacular.

It’s this kind of chemistry you might imagine forming when Charlie, Birgit and Götz first met in the gym! Three unsuspecting individuals, who at the time had no idea that they were about to help change the world of events irrevocably and forever. They quickly discovered they shared a great deal more than simply exercise, they shared a passion for entrepreneurship with a mission to get out there and shake things up across the world of events.

A while later they met again, this time as guests at a product launch, which regrettably for the organisers didn’t go as planned. In fact it was shambolic, but amongst all the chaos it was a shared empathy for the client, that both inspired and was the spark of their big idea. But as with all really big ideas, it wasn’t born fully formed, it needed work. A lot of work. So between their homes, offices, shared spaces and coffee shops they thrashed it out on white boards, felling forests and filling reams of paper with thoughts. Refining, rehashing and honing the spark. All this through bleary new-dad, sleep deprived little eyes.

They may have been blurred at the edges, but the vision had never been clearer.

But let’s go back a step and establish some scaffolding. Charlie is no stranger having spent over 22 years at the coal face building and exiting from his internationally award-winning events business.

And what about Gotz? He comes from a celebrated career in marketing and consulting, a natural entrepreneur in every sense. Gotz also founded and exited from 3 business and founded a non-profit organisation in South Africa and counts happiness, strong leadership and absolute commitment as his core principles.

And like so many great things, the best has been left to last. Birgit, a leader and entrepreneur and CEO, her track record and natural status as female executive is both rare and sought after species in the tech industry speaks volumes and together they pounced on the opportunity. Why not, between them they had the foundations and experience to deliver precisely what a disconnected industry so needed; one platform that would make it easier for anyone to create memorable event experiences by helping them find the best qualified event professionals, vendors and venues – all in one place. At the same time to ensure the technology was accessible, inclusive and affordable across an underserved world of events.

This is a remarkable partnership, higher grade chemistry, Einstein stuff, forged across continents (Gotz and Birgit are both German and Charlie, well he’s Anglo Norwegian), have come together to create something game changing. So, how do you capture something as ethereal and slippery as the chemistry between like-minded entrepreneurs? It’s about living, breathing, dreaming, eating and sleeping what they do, and never giving up. It’s about the pride they have from the ground up and the desire to play their part in making a real difference across the world of events. That’s the chemistry right there.