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The Evolution of Planning Stag Do Events

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The Evolution of Planning Stag Do Events

By: Milena Stanić

Stag – it is an unusual term, isn’t it? Have you ever wondered how it came to be? It has certainly become a part of our culture but there is more to this milestone event than meets the eye. In fact, the story of stag do celebrations can be traced back to Sparta. Besides combat aptitude, the Spartan codex also promoted nurturing strong bonds among men. That is why on the night before the wedding, military comrades would feast and toast together to celebrate the end of the groom’s youth and his continued commitment to the city-state.

Planning this last night has come a long way since then. Nowadays, it is a staple in some cultures, especially in anglicized countries. These events are thoroughly organized and usually include lots of drinking and hazing, or as stags like to call it, fun! The pre-wedding parties are traditionally meant to shake things up, maybe cause a scene, and even put the young stag’s fidelity to the test. As long as there is some challenge of masculinity involved, it can be considered viable – and modern stag do capitals like Madrid, Prague, or Krakow are well-equipped to memorialize such final days of freedom.

Yes, but why the term stag in the first place?

Roots trace back to the old French language, which might clarify why the Brits have been reluctant to use it. On a fundamental level, the term just means male. The word “hen” was used to define not just a chicken but all female birds. Thus, the nickname has been passed down to the betrothed female human population, too. The same concept goes with stags. It is not a reference solely to a male deer but to all male animals in the kingdom. It is a symbol of virility and strength.

The evolution of planning stag dos

Historically, nobility was probably most culpable for spicing up this life event because they simply had the means to do it. They would travel to other countries and include activities – such as gambling, binge-drinking, debauchery, and other social ingredients – to the overall recipe. In essence, the whole idea of this rite of passage is to evoke an “adolescent, youthful lifestyle” one final time before boarding the responsible marital ship.

Besides being kept secret from the stag, the task was usually appointed to his male sibling or the best man. However, there are many companies today who trade in organizing stag do parties, weekends, and entire holidays. People no longer have to fret with the organization because there are licensed professionals for hire who can tailor everything to your needs. The demand on the market is pretty much constant. Marriage has been an inevitable part of our social customs since time immemorial and modern-day bachelor and bachelorette events are a booming industry.

Specialized offers with extrinsic destinations, a wide array of outdoor activities for bachelors (like the notorious pub crawl), and accommodation to get over the hangovers properly – is what sets the competition apart. It is a fierce market, all things considering. Finding low-cost solutions with maximum quality entertainment is hard to come by these days. No wonder Eastern Europe is at the forefront of modern stag do holidays – it is affordable, vibrant, packed with unique events, and the women are just gorgeous.

What are famous stag do activities?

There is even the “tamer” version of this celebration called the Stag and Doe party, where both the bride and groom attend. It might not be your typical spree but people, in general, are changing their opinions on how to plan this festive opportunity. You see, stag and hen dos are no longer just about getting wasted in some local pub or pampered at a day spa. You can do that practically anytime if you want to. Instead, the tide is shifting to unique travel experiences with friends, exciting adrenaline-pumping activities, and doing something you don’t regularly get the chance to. These events now include paintball, kart racing, quad biking, rifle-shooting, bungee jumping, white water rafting, canoeing, rock climbing, bubble football – anything that gets the heart racing and poses a fun challenge.


Marital traditions may differ from culture to culture but one thing is certain – stags and hens want to make their final single days as memorable as possible. It may take a lot of planning and logistics to develop such an unforgettable itinerary but there are professionals who can make all those wishes come true without you breaking a sweat. We have come a long way since the first stag do celebrations. Today, these elaborate events are a delightful amenity, something definitely worth exploring if you ever plan on getting married. Entering manhood has never been more dynamic and stylish as it is now.