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The power of an Eventerprise mobile-friendly business page

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The power of an Eventerprise mobile-friendly business page

By: Derek Hills

We have been busy the last few months. Our team, with the support of Act 5 ventures, is currently busy with a $3M funding round, our CEO has just returned from an 8-week roadshow in Los Angeles where he spent time pitching to investors and spending time in workshops and meeting with tech industry heavyweights gaining valuable knowledge and insight. We also received a wonderful endorsement from Peter Henry, an experienced Silicon Valley entrepreneur and investor. How does this affect you and your digital footprint?

We live in a mobile-dominant, multi-device era and 80% of consumers use their mobiles in-store to check product reviews and compare prices BEFORE they make a purchase. It is, therefore, vitally important that everything is optimised for mobile use. Your Eventerprise mobile-friendly business page is optimised for multi-device use and is also SEO-optimised to ensure preferential search results.

The Eventerprise profile is the lifeblood of the platform. It is, after all, what we’re about. We’re a platform that enables event hosts and planners to find suitable venues and suppliers to make their event perfect! There are multitudes of ways to enhance your profile and make it more appealing. For example, there is a section for a list of any awards you’ve won or pertinent memberships you hold that you’d like highlighted. Your page gives the browser a short, precise overview of the services you offer and is further enhanced by the use of HD-quality images and videos to showcase your most notable work and achievements.

One of the most unique features of an Eventerprise business page is the opportunity for you to request your past and present clients to post reviews for your services via our very own TrustyTribe platform. Surely it makes sense to boost your offering by displaying customer reviews on your profile? After all, those customers loved what you did for them and have nothing but praise for you, why not share it?

Your EventerProfile business page gives you a free digital presence for life. We have additional value services for users who upgrade to a Premium business page, including EventerAds (a digital advertising booster) where we act as your digital marketing agency, boosting your digital presence and visibility across multiple channels on and off the Eventerprise platform. EventerScore measures the quality of your company’s online presence and gives you recommendations for improvements to enhance your online visibility.

All considered, the digital world is dominating everything and we offer unlimited potential to enhance your online presence with digitally-optimised pages. Make your choice here and sign up to get started on your digital highway.