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Three powerful tools for agile social media managers

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Three powerful tools for agile social media managers

By: Charis Zhen Chia

Social media is one of the most potent ways to reach your desired audience in today’s digital age. Digitally savvy companies know this, and as a result there is an almost infinite amount of content being distributed across various channels. It is therefore essential for us to form strategies to cut through the noise and communicate effectively with Eventerprise’s various audience groups.

Because Eventerprise is a lean startup with agile methodologies, no hard and fast rule designates social media accounts to specific audiences. Instead, we are always experimenting with our social media efforts by measuring reach, conversion rate, and other metrics which are pertinent to our continued success.

Here are the three primary tools that our social media marketing team work with to achieve results, and to ensure that we are always on target.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a wonderful free tool for startups that have a tight marketing budget. Integrating it with our social media efforts helps us to collect high quality, quantitative data on the promotional materials and blog posts that we distribute. After collecting data, our team sets micro goals and objectives in accordance with our North Star Metric. This requires collaboration and transparent communication across departments so that our efforts are in sync with current projects.

LinkedIn Reports

LinkedIn is one of the most important tools that we use. We utilise it to position the Eventerprise executive team as thought leaders in the events and tech industries.

Our dedicated content and design teams create valuable information and experiences for our audience. By publishing new articles and re-distributing Eventerprise’s high-performing blog posts, we can scale our reach in the digital universe.

Google Sheets

Data organisation is the next step for marketers. Neatly arranged rows and columns make it easy to derive insights from the raw data generated by our social media outreach campaigns. Results are uploaded instantly and can be shared across the company, eliminating information silos that plague many larger firms. Feedback from more experienced members of the team is almost instant, and we can quickly implement their suggestions.