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Top 5 corporate retreat destinations your team will love

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Top 5 corporate retreat destinations your team will love

By: Guest Author

I know what you’re thinking when I say corporate retreats – Really? Trust falls and motivational speakers? No thanks.

But like with everything we do at Eventerprise, we say to change your perspective. A corporate retreat can do a company so much good. It can get your employees out of the daily grind so they can refocus, and revamp their creativity and communication for better results back in the office. According to a 2015 survey by Clear Company, 86 percent of employees and executives cite lack of collaboration or ineffective communication for workplace failures. Another study by the Queens University of Charlotte shows that about 75 percent of employers rate teamwork as ‘very important’, yet only 18 percent of employees feel like this is put to practice. Corporate retreats are a good opportunity to work on these team collaboration and communication skills, for better alignment and better productivity long term.

Here at Eventerprise, our team is pretty close. We make that happen by going out for beers every once in awhile and bonding over late night sessions in the office, but sometimes a corporate retreat is what a company needs to reach the next level. Our team is busy revamping our platform and launching internationally so we don’t have plans to head to these destinations anytime soon, but a girl can dream, right?


With beautiful country castles and its rustic landscape, Ireland is the perfect place to get back in touch with nature – and your team. The Kippure Estate is a beautiful event destination that offers team building exercises and adventure activities, even Samba lessons, and plenty of meeting and workshop spaces. Is the perfect place to combines work and play. Complete the ropes course with your team, move inside for a workshop, then finish the day with a glass or two of local whisky, a nice campfire and just talk.


This island has become immensely popular over the past few years. Bali has a solid reputation for its traveller-friendly facilities. Indulge your team in a spa day, hit the waves for a surfing lesson, take a cooking class or even do volunteer work. Find out what your team is interested in and try to fit in as many activities as you can. If all else fails you can always resort to bumper balls. Never heard of it? It sounds awesome – everyone gets dressed up in big bubble suites and can bump roll and flip over and have some fun.

The Floating Leaf is an eco-luxury corporate retreat destination, that takes care of it all. They offer workshops that focus on developing leadership and alignment strategy, spa facilitates, activities like diving and snorkelling, yoga and wellness, a nice dining room and more.


Famous for tango dance and music – and steak– you can’t go wrong. A nice dinner followed by a night of dancing sounds pretty good to me. If you don’t want to show off your dance moves, you can always observe the professionals. Whisk your important colleagues to the red-blooded Estancia El Rocio, where the steaks are juicy and the welcome warm. Enjoy the beautiful gardens, swimming pool, massage therapy, and delicious food.

The Maldives

When I think tropical island, I think the Maldives. The possibilities are endless, from swimming with dolphins to scuba diving, snorkelling and whale watching. It’s something that your team will never forget! This is one you might want to save for when your profit hits the roof, but once again; nothing wrong with dreaming. Consider persuading your company to give some support to the Maldives’ environmental efforts to preserve the beauty. I would recommend staying at Kurumba. A paradise beachside resort with it’s the perfect place to treat your team for their hard work, and come together with several conference rooms. You know we hold reviews to a high standard, and they score a 10/10 on TripAdvisor. End your day by dipping your toes in the Indian Ocean and visit the Marine Discovery Centre, where white sharks and manta rays are studied.


For the more adventurous teams, Namibia is the place to go. The country’s commitment to conservation has kept landscape untouched and preserved, making it an incredible destination for travellers. Visit national parks to see the largest free-roaming groups of black rhinos, cheetahs, lions and elephants. Another popular activity is sand sledging on dunes. I’d recommend the Windhoek Country Club Resort, where you have full access to appreciate Namibia’s beautiful nature, with the luxury and convenience of conference rooms.

Say goodbye to boring, awkward weekends in stuffy cabins playing icebreakers, and actually share a truly amazing experience with your team. You can be sure that if you go to these destinations with your team, they’ll never forget it, and it will make your company closer and more productive back in the office. Who knows, we might run into you during your next retreat.