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Don’t Expect Boring!

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Tops: Fashion Week – Don’t Expect Boring!

By: Guest Author

Every year there are literally thousands of shows, concerts, and events all over the world. But, there is still nothing quite like fashion week! With all beauty, class, celebs, couture and (fingers crossed) wardrobe malfunctions you can handle, it has become a global phenomenon with around 40 Fashion Weeks (all sponsored by Mercedes-Benz) in all corners of the globe from New York to Cape Town. With the advent of social media and superstars like Kanye West joining the fashion world, it has evolved from traditional sit-down runway shows to explosions of creativity, and the world is watching closely. But, being an events focused blog, we wanted to share what really goes in to an event of this magnitude – wherever you are.

New York Fashion Week happens twice a year and attracts attention from millions of people around the world. It takes three weeks of people working 24/7 (about 1500 hours per person) to build the fashion campus in New York. This work is worthwhile because about 110,000 people will be attending the shows, pre-parties, after-parties and other events, and nothing can be just ‘good enough’. Coordinating the manpower and making sure that the schedules for the shows and related events don’t clash is a monumental job which is handled by (wait for it) one woman. Ruth Finley has been in charge of the official New York Fashion Week calendar for over 60 years. And, as you’d expect, it’s not your typical calendar – it costs $450 and is over 25 pages long…

Across the pond, London Fashion Week is growing rapidly and to make sure everything runs smoothly the organisers employ over 360 interns to work the shows. At any given time over 30 make-up artists and stylists help prepare the models – which can take up to two hours for a single show. Consider that each show is itself only around 15 minutes long and you’ll start to understand exactly how much effort is required… That said, it is a rather lucrative 15 minutes for the designers as £100 million worth of orders are placed during London Fashion Week alone.

If you don’t have the time or money to jet off to New York or London for your fashion fix you don’t have to worry. In South Africa Mercedes Benz & Africa Fashion International have joined forces to bring us Cape Town Fashion Week and South Africa Fashion Week, held in Johannesburg. This isn’t just another poor South African imitation (hello, MasterChef) however, so don’t expect a boring old show – designers are pushing the envelope and unleashing their originality to capture and entertain the audience in ways that the rest of the world can’t touch. David Tlale, a local designer, always brings the drama: from the use of creative locations like the Nelson Mandela Bridge in Johannesburg to an unfinished bridge in Cape Town, he rarely disappoints. Kluk CGDT, a Cape Town based design duo, bring a refreshing elegance to fashion week every year with their stunning womenswear. Fashion Week in South Africa is expanding, and this February there’s even a Menswear Fashion Week happening.

Most of us don’t have Ruth’s planning prowess nor do we have hundreds of interns and enormous budgets to bring together sensational events. But at least Eventerprise is making it a little easier to put on a show in your own way.