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This is Why You Should Use Food Truck Catering for Your Next Event

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Food truck catering for events

Are you looking for a more affordable catering option for your next event? We have the answer!

Street food has taken the world by storm over the past few years, and the latest innovation is food truck catering. In the past, food trucks may have been frowned upon as being unhealthy; but these days, they are growing in popularity and it’s not hard to see why. So we thought we’d take a look at the reasons why you should consider food truck catering for your next event …

They’re Convenient

You can have a food truck at almost venue you want, no matter how big or small it is. You don’t need to worry about finding a venue with good catering or kitchen facilities, as food truck caterers will cover everything. They’ll take care of all your needs, from the types of food you want to offer, right down to clearing up at the end of the event.

By using a food truck for your next event, you also get the choice of whether to choose an indoor or outdoor venue. Either way, all there needs to be is a space for it to park up and then people can form an orderly queue.

They Offer Variety

No matter what type of event you’re organising, whether it’s a small gathering or a large crowd, a food truck offers the utmost variety. There are a variety of dishes you can choose from to make your guests go home with a smile on their face. Plus, you can also use more than one if you want to! With a wide variety of tasty food on offer, your event will definitely be the one to talk about.

They’re Great For Affordability

One of the biggest advantages of using food truck catering is that savings are huge. Food truck caterers usually charge $10 to $20 per person, which is a lot cheaper than the traditional caterer.

The cost depends a lot on the popularity of the truck – the higher the demand, the higher the price. But the great thing is, you can use your leftover budget to hire a winery or brewery cart or even buy some additional decorations.

They Have Great Food

The food made will be the freshest and most delicious you’ll ever taste. A great bonus to using food truck catering is that you can create your own custom menu. You’ve got the ability to be creative and put your own personal touch on the menu to make your event really special.

They’ve Got The “Wow” Factor

Food trucks are never boring. Not only does the food taste great, but the trucks themselves look amazing. Just imagine the great photographs you can take of your guests enjoying delicious food outside of a cool food truck.

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