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What a Ride!

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Web Summit – What a Ride!

By: Charlie Wright

What a ride. What a city! Thank you Dublin – we needed little reminder of why you’re Europe’s friendliest destination!

The heaps of prep and logistic work that went into planning for Dublin was one thing, but physically being there to unveil Eventerprise to the world, with full support from the home team, was just so much more than we could have ever planned for… And to hear everyone’s reactions? Absolutely priceless.

We actually set out with a clear mandate; gain exposure and to gather intelligence. Any fluffy pillow talk with pseudo-investors would be done under our own caution.

After all, it’s a game – as much as our badges classed and ID’d us, the chap selling the ice creams could easily have been the real catch – maybe he was!

So, if we thought we had a good idea before departure we needed little reminder on our return. The fruits of our labours – hard cash! Not only commitment but actual investment in the bank! Proof, and even more endorsement, of a great product with serious traction and a terrific team! Boom.

And things got even better – seriously. Having also secured affiliate partnerships with teams of MBA graduates at the business schools of three of the leading universities of the world – Illinois, Oxford and Stanford!

With adrenalin having now converted to electricity, traction is showing incredible growth figures with 500 new profiles in just 2 weeks!

Overall, if you believe in your idea (like we did), and are looking for the place to get others behind you (like we did), Web Summit is the only place to do so!

Watch this space!