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The world’s most extreme team building activities

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extreme team building activities

When you’re in each other’s space for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week it is understandable that most people don’t want to spend any more time with their co-workers than they absolutely have to.

Team activities are often met with moans and groans and it is especially difficult to get employees excited about spending a team-building weekend away with management in tow.

Office team building activities, such as catching Jennifer from sales as she falls backwards from a raised platform into your not-so-loving embrace or shooting Pete from accounting in the face with a paintball gun, can be either an unpleasant exercise in forced bonding or a morale-boosting excuse to escape your cubicle and get to know your co-workers better.

Team building is an important aspect of any office culture as it may be the only chance new and remote employees have to make an impression on those they work with on a daily basis. It humanises co-workers to each other and provides an opportunity to be exposed to each other’s strengths that may not necessarily be on display in the office.

The best way to get your team excited is by ditching the boring old trust exercises and embark on something more adventurous. Here we share the most extreme team building activities we could find. One of these is sure to get your team on the same side.

Extreme team building activities

Sumo Wrestling

Wrestling is for everybody, and Sumo Wrestling in an air-filled fat suit guarantees belly laughs for those who take part and those supporting their favourite contender.

Surrey-based Sumo Experience provides not only the sumo fat suits, complete with protective headgear that resembles a sumo hairdo, that will send your “opponent rolling on the ground like a beach ball,” but a Dohyo (sumo arena) and Gyoji (sumo referee) as well.

Optional extras include smoke machine and Japanese soundtrack. There really is no better way to build a healthy rapport with your manager than pinning him or her to the ground while wearing a padded vinyl fat suit with your co-workers cheering you on.

Blindfold Driving

British firm The Teambuilding Company offers a whole collection of intense indoor and outdoor events that are either completely mortifying and demoralising or fun and enriching, depends on who you ask.

Designed to force participants to find “unique alternative solutions to complex problems, in a fun and engaging way,” Blindfold Driving is exactly what you think it is. The Teambuilding Company makes it all sound fairly simple, “… check out the course, plan your route, load your team in the back, put your blindfold on and away you go.”

However, given that the use of obvious verbal direction-giving (i.e. “stay straight, take a hard right”) is a no-no during the drive and the word “mayhem” is used by the firm to describe this activity, you may be forgiven if you are suddenly afflicted with an extreme case of motorphobia.

The Hunger Games

UK based Rabble Games offers their version of The Hunger Games, where the hunting ground is a defined area from which players must try to escape. Teams must work together to break out and to ‘kill’ as many of the opposing team as possible in a particular time frame.

Charlotte Roach, founder of Rabble Games explains, “The games make great team building events because tactics are critical; poor tactics and ineffective use of resources will lose you the game, so communication is the key. All of our games end with coffee, drinks or food to consolidate relationships built.”

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