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Young Gun Spot Light: Clan Schuur

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Young Gun Spot Light: Clan Schuur

By: Guest Author

Worth it. That’s what comes to mind when I think about my time at Eventerprise.

My name is Clan Schuur, and today is the last day of my four-month Eventerprise Young Gun Internship in the Graphic Design department. I joined the internship programme because of my studies in Industrial Design, which differs quite a lot from what I came to do here.

Graphic Design was not a big focus of my Industrial Design course, and that is precisely why I wanted to do this internship. I aimed to improve the skills I already had while learning new Graphic Design skills. In addition, I wanted to experience an actual business environment for the first time.

While at Eventerprise, I have been able to improve my Graphic Design skills significantly. I have also been able to experience the unique environment that Eventerprise offers, being both a real business and a digital tech start-up. In addition, I have been able to dabble in UX by designing a new landing page for the Eventerprise website. I have also been able to learn about subjects outside of design, like SEO and popups.

Popups have played a significant role in the latter part of my internship. I was supposed to create a whole new popup system, and so I did. It took a lot of meetings, many helping hands, and quite a few weeks to develop a system that worked. Although the system is still in its infancy I am happy to say that I have been part of the creation process.

The most important lesson I’ve learnt while at Eventerprise is to recognise the value of something as hated as popups. At the start, you might not like what you see, or maybe you are unable to see anything at all. But trust me, in the end, it’ll be worth it. Or not. Only you can figure that out.

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