Young Gun Spotlight: Anesuishe Mutsambiwe

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Young Gun Spotlight: Anesuishe Mutsambiwe

By: Guest Author

My name is Anesuishe Mutsambiwe, and I’m a Global Talent Sourcing Intern at Eventerprise.

Back in November 2017, I would never have imagined what an EventerCamp Internship would be like. It’s easy to think that an internship will be laid back and that you’ll be stuck doing menial tasks. But, fast forward to today, and my internship has been the furthest thing from that November daydream as it could be. And honestly, I’ve enjoyed every step of the journey.

I started as a Talent Sourcing Young Gun at Eventerprise in early January 2018. The first two weeks were something that none of the career talks and blog articles about starting out in the working world could have prepared me for. After my first day, I walked out of the office questioning what I had gotten myself into since I felt like I knew nothing!

Since that first day, I can say I have learnt far more than I ever bargained for. I came in as a psychology student with no knowledge of recruitment processes or talent acquisition, and now I’m able to teach new interns the ropes.

For recruitment, I am responsible for screening applications, and scheduling and conducting initial interviews. At first, I was hesitant because I was scared of potentially misjudging applicants. Even after observing the process for two weeks, I was still terrified when I had to conduct my first interview. I had to be pushed out my comfort zone, and I had to make the decision not to allow myself to be limited by my perception of what I could and couldn’t do.

My primary responsibility for talent acquisition is to reach out to higher education institutions and independent internship agencies around the world. The aim is to maintain the relationships we’ve built with them and to source the best candidates for our internships. This might sound simple enough, but the process is very similar to dating, and as Götz our CEO always says, you only get better at dating after a couple tries.

If asked on my first day what I expected from my internship, my answer would’ve been that I wanted to gain working experience. But since then I’ve learned more than I ever expected. The journey so far has exposed me to various aspects of the digital industry that I knew nothing about, and above all, I’ve learnt to be confident when being pushed out of my comfort zone. “A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there” (unknown).

If you’re interested in joining the EventerCamp Internship programme, check out the Internship area on our website.