Young Gun Spotlight: Casper Janse van Mantgem

Written by Guest Author · 1 min read >

I started my internship at Eventerprise in February 2017 and never looked back. Because I’ve lived in the Netherlands my whole life, I was exposed to a language, new culture, new company, and new people when I arrived at Eventerprise’s operational hub in Cape Town. When you experience so many new things, you quickly learn that you need to think and work outside of your comfort zone. This was my first big lesson.

My favourite thing about working at Eventerprise is that I have many different tasks to fulfill. I help to improve our recruitment process; I assist with the creation of new landing pages; I work with review management and much more. With so much work to do, I never get bored. This kind of fast-paced environment is typical of a startup company. Things constantly change and Eventerprise is no exception.

If you’re interested in an internship at Eventerprise, you should be able to adapt to a changing environment. These changes are good for your learning development. You must also stay sharp at all times to ensure you don’t miss anything important.

As a Young Gun, you get recognised for doing a good job and are also held accountable if you fail to make deadlines or targets. This can be a bit overwhelming at first, but it is a good way to discover how you can handle the pressures of this kind of working environment.

Because most of the office is populated by interns or post grads, you will be expected to do a lot. If you have a problem with solving something, ask about it immediately. You have to be pro-active and the HODs are always willing to help. Every intern is taken seriously at Eventerprise. I quickly realised this when I got various responsibilities on my first day – and every day after that.

I also really like the office’s culture. Because we have a completely open office, you can go to anyone with any kind of question. You don’t have to ask a specific person – everyone is willing to help and this makes things much more efficient.

Eventerprise is a tech startup that is disrupting the events industry. This is accomplished by being open and transparent not only to customers but to employees and Young Guns as well. This is what Eventerprise stands for and this is why they will conquer the global event industry.

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