Young Gun Spotlight: Erich Rickens

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Young Gun Spotlight: Erich Rickens

By: Erich Rickens

I have only just started my time at Eventerprise, but I’m happy to say that it’s been a mostly uphill-moving roller coaster ride.

As a Gotz-Ceo Postgrad, I work directly alongside our CEO, Gotz Thumecke, who oversees various departments as well as the general running of the company. The position is so dynamic, it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly what my role at Eventerprise is because I work closely with all the departments. If I could think of a word or description for my role it would be ‘transdisciplinary’.

My role in the sales and development department entails ensuring that our customer workflow is sound, and the quality of our product is of the highest standard. Another one of my roles involves working alongside the design and digital marketing teams to create landing pages for our future strategic partners. In terms of the investor relations portfolio, I help set up various investor campaigns and help with the process of investor outreach in general.

Our outbound sales project is spread between Cape Town, California and Macedonia and part of my job is to liaise with the team. From an outsider’s perspective, they may see this process as inefficient, but this isn’t the case. Eventerprise is a tech platform that makes use of new and innovative technologies making communication between countries and team members easy. Before I began my internship at Eventerprise, I didn’t fully understand how greatly technology impacts and improves small facets of life.

I can already see vast improvements in my knowledge of the tech and digital world and as a millennial, I didn’t realise how far behind I was in the tech space. Technological innovation is improving and increasing at a rapid rate and with the recent AI developments, Eventerprise has helped me keep up with this fast-paced world.

If I think about my own journey, I see myself being a leader and facilitator of people in this complex and rapidly evolving world. I see the need to always develop my people skills and my personal leadership style. My internship at Eventerprise has helped me immensely and the flat hierarchical structure that is embraced in the Cape Town hub has allowed me the opportunity to step up and lead in situations where it’s required. I have the privilege of speaking to my superiors on their level and I can see how it has benefitted my ability to be a good leader.

Eventerprise has an extremely dynamic type of power and CEOs, Heads of Department and everyone else are all accountable for what happens here. This leads to greater productivity within the business and those in leadership positions are held with integrity. This is my favourite aspect of Eventerprise because it provides every person with the opportunity to excel and push themselves without being tied down with bureaucratic leadership hierarchies and age gaps. The free coffees are the cherry on top!

Eventerprise is a fast-paced environment, but it’s a ride worth hopping on!

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