Young Gun spotlight: Justin Plagis

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Young Gun spotlight: Justin Plagis

By: Justin Plagis

During my 4 years of studying international business and management at the University of Applied Science in Utrecht, I haven’t learned nearly as much about different management styles, strategy formation, marketing, finance and various other aspects of business as I am learning at Eventerprise.

Working with several other Young Guns and collaborating with the CEOs and co-founders, Gotz and Charlie, on many of my day-to-day activities has broadened my perspective and working style far beyond what I was used to at university. I have already learned how to manage multiple tasks simultaneously, I have developed competencies in social selling, email marketing, LinkedIn and I was also introduced to MySQL and Agile CRM.

When I started at Eventerprise, I attended every relevant meeting and was tasked with as much work as they could find for me – at least that’s what it felt like. At first, it seemed a little overwhelming but within a few days I had mapped out my relevant tasks and gotten close with a small group of Young Guns to further our investor relations strategy. Now I feel like I am part of a very driven team who are adding value to Eventerprise, and being able to add value to the company you are working for is crucial. When I leave the office every day, I feel like I have accomplished something and I am moving towards something bigger and better.

Not many companies allow their Young Guns/interns to have the kind of freedom and creative opportunities that they do at Eventerprise.

After working closely with my fellow Young Guns, we quickly formed our investor relations strategy, mapped out how to target potential investors via multiple platforms, built FAQ profiles and made sure that every element of our department functioned and performed the way it was supposed to.

I would encourage any student out there who wants to increase their knowledge in a digital environment to do an internship at Eventerprise. You will never go home empty handed, that’s for sure.

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