Young Gun spotlight: Leigh Daniels

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Young Gun spotlight: Leigh Daniels

By: Guest Author

After starting my internship at Eventerprise, I quickly learned that all egos need to be checked at the door because everything I thought I knew – I didn’t. I joined the content team two months ago and every day I learn something new. What I learn does not necessarily relate to the great world of content, but I learn a lot about myself too.

I learned that I have a lot to learn

I always considered myself to be ‘above average’ when it comes to writing and speaking. I thought that when I started at Eventerprise, my superiors would be so amazed and proud of me – I was wrong. For the first time, I heard these words about my writing: “that’s not very good English”. What? My writing? In that moment all my egotistical thoughts ran out the door and I went on a mission to soak up as much knowledge as I can. When it came to writing, I might have been the cat’s meow among my family and peers and I might have been an English master to the pre-teens I tutored but at Eventerprise, among other academics and industry professionals, I am only a kitten learning to stand.

I learned stress management

Working for a startup company requires an ability to manage your time and keep calm under stress. When I have loads of things to do like write and publish blog posts, update post meta descriptions, copy edit, and do various other tasks added to my to-do list, I never freak out. The support system at Eventerprise keeps me sane. If I have no idea what to do, I can simply speak to my HOD and receive a comprehensive breakdown of everything I need to know. If I feel stressed, I can simply have a quick chat with the person next to me – the perks of an open plan office. The environment and people at Eventerprise offer a kind of surety that if you stumble, somebody will be behind you to help you up and make sure you never stumble again.

I learned that being a Young Gun at Eventerprise equips you with the skills of a professional

I remember being shocked to find out that half the people who I thought were staff members because of their professionalism, drive and knowledge, were actually interns. I was equally shocked when a Young Gun who arrived after I did thought I was staff too. The truly amazing thing about the Young Guns at Eventerprise is that everybody who walks into this office as an intern, leaves as a professional.

Being an intern at Eventerprise can truly change our your career, life and the way you see yourself. I would recommend anybody with enough ambition, determination and drive to join the great team at Eventerprise.