Most students can attest that when writing a university paper, you tend to spend too much time researching, before realising that your deadline is in a few days and that it’s time to start the actual writing.  

That’s when the execution process starts. You are under pressure, and you finally begin typing up your paper.  After a couple of sleepless nights spent at the library, you are tired, but you made your deadline! You happily exhale when handing in your paper. Besides feeling happy, you start to feel something else: dissatisfaction with your performance and process. You know that had you started writing earlier, you could have produced something better. You would’ve had the time to process all the books and journals you intended to, and been able to review your paper properly, but you didn’t.

So if you ask me, as a former “late-research paper-writer”, what is the most crucial thing that I learned as a Business Development Young Gun at Eventerprise, I would say:

The Art of Execution

Throughout my life as a passionate plan maker it finally dawned on me after the 2806th idea: it’s a long way from having an idea to executing it. Most ideas die after conceptualisation.

So what’s different this time?

Joining the Eventerprise EventerCamp Programme will mean that you have to work hard. You will get a variety of tasks, many of which you might never have done before. From there you will need to figure out how to complete the task, all with the added pressure of an approaching deadline.

With time and a lot of practice, your execution gets faster and better. Some of my daily tasks at Eventerprise involve:

  • Managing customer success
  • Overseeing our social media performance on over 15 profiles
  • Onboarding new business development Young Guns
  • Generating cooperation partner and vendor leads
  • Assessing new digital tools that can improve our daily work at Eventerprise
  • Developing and launching new projects, like our new Women’s Leadership Programme

With the ability to execute I cannot await the future. I feel like I am capable of anything. Who knows what the future holds for me? Whatever path I decide to take I want to thank Eventerprise and the EventerCamp Program for the challenges and learning experiences over the past few months.

Of all the skills I learnt, how to execute is by far the most important one.

Would you like to learn the art of execution? Apply now for an EventerCamp Internship.

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