Young Gun Spotlight: Siyamthanda Dliso

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Young Gun Spotlight: Siyamthanda Dliso

By: Siyamthanda Dliso

My name is Siyamthanda Dliso, and I’m a graphic design intern in the digital marketing team at Eventerprise.

After finishing my advanced degree in multimedia design and production at City Varsity, I wanted to delve further into all design spheres to improve my skills as a multimedia designer. I was most interested in producing graphics for digital platforms which is why I applied for an EventerCamp internship.

As a Graphic Design Young Gun, my responsibilities include creating visuals for our social media channels and producing graphics for blog posts. My design process requires me to read new blog posts for inspiration and to understand the salient points the author wants to convey. I then have to translate the blog into a visual that would best represent the content. Reading the blog posts has also allowed me to develop a deeper insight into SaaS businesses.

I’ve had to learn how to create high resolution, visually emotive graphics to reach various audiences like investors and event professionals. I’ve also familiarised myself with Basecamp, and learnt to embrace the company culture of completing all tasks within set deadlines.

One of the most memorable projects I’ve worked on was producing the visuals for the Eventerprise “We are all in events” month.

Eventerprise has taught me the importance of producing designs in a short space of time while maintaining world-class quality. I am privileged to work with and create graphics for an international market and to work alongside amazing talent from all over the globe.

I believe that my Eventerprise internship embodies the words of Confucius: “Do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life”.

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