Young Gun Spotlight: Tina Scholtyschik

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Young Gun Spotlight: Tina Scholtyschik

By: Guest Author

I am a German postgraduate student currently doing a GötzCEO PostGrad internship at Eventerprise. This program gives me the opportunity to work very closely with the founder and CEO of Eventerprise, Götz Thümecke.

So who is Tina? I am currently doing my Master’s degree in Biomedical Technology, majoring in Biomedical Management and Marketing. Now at this point everybody asks me: “Why are you doing your internship with Eventerprise? What does that have to do with your studies?”

It’s simple really, I believe that the internet offers a lot of possibilities regardless of one’s sector and I want to be part of this revolution. I want to get more insight into our digital world. So what better way is there than doing an internship with a tech based platform? Eventerprise is equipping me with great business and digital skills which will still be relevant long after I have left Cape Town.

I joined Eventerprise two weeks ago and before I had even landed in South Africa I was invited to join the company’s WhatsApp group where I was overwhelmed by warm and very welcoming words. The great spirit continued when I joined the company’s internal communication system. Now I am a part of an email system, two WhatsApp groups and the project management tool – Basecamp (which I have to keep an eye on all the times).

I have always preferred physical interaction so the digitalised world at Eventerprise has really opened my eyes. The departments are easily interlinked and I have found myself spending a lot of time in HR. Coming from a biomedical background, I did not have any experience in screening candidates, but now I’m responding to at least 100 email applications per day. I don’t know how I would manage without the various tools and programs at my disposal.

I like having a full list of responsibilities so I am enjoying managing my first project with Götz, who is currently participating at a startup accelerator program in San Francisco. Back in university, I had a class on project management but that did not prepare me for what I am working on now. So how am I managing?

My first step: look for information on the internet. The second step: create a list of tasks based on my internet findings. The third step, which turned out be the hardest: allocating tasks to people whose roles I was initially not sure of. My first attempt was disastrous!

What now? Give up? Not an option. After one very long chat with Götz I got back on my feet and handled the situation better. So far, it’s going well. This is just the beginning of my half-year long internship and I look forward to getting more out of my comfort zone, because that is how you learn.

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