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Your Coast to Coast Platform Investment Opportunity: Eventerprise US Road Show, May 2019

Written by Birgit Thümecke · 2 min read >
Investment opportunity

The Eventerprise team is hitting the road once again to introduce US investors to the event platform’s $1.1 million late-seed round. From mid to end May a team comprising CEO, Birgit Thumecke, and VP Growth, Barry Blassoples, will be presenting the investment opportunities that Eventerprise offers in the platform, SaaS and event tech spaces at various locations across the US. Their mission – to demonstrate the market-readiness of the platform, the viability of its growth model, and how this funding round will be used to prove product-market fit by way of a localised market activation exercise in the greater Los Angeles area.

High up on the agenda is a series of pitch events organized by the Midwest chapter of the Keiretsu Forum, a global angel investor network with more than 2,500 members who belong to 53 chapters based on three continents. With around 125 active investors, the Midwest chapter executed on 25 deals in 2018, with an average investment of $500,000 per company. The Eventerprise team is planning to attend the series of events scheduled to take place from 21 till 23 May in Chicago, Ann Arbour, and Cincinnati.

Significant exposure to investors

CEO, Birgit Thumecke, pointed out that, “Keiretsu offers Eventerprise significant exposure to accredited private equity angel investors, venture capitalists and institutional investors with more than 15 years experience of investing in early-stage companies. It is not our first contact with them either. My co-founder, Charlie Wright, and I attended an event organized by their San Francisco chapter last year and we were pleasantly surprised by the appetite for investment that was on display.”

“It’s all well and good to have the opportunity to meet with angel investors, but if no-one is writing a check, you start suspecting they only came for the cheese and wine. Unfortunately there are a lot of hoax initiatives out there whose true business model is to extract entry or participation fees from the pockets of companies trying to raise funds. Keiretsu seems quite different in that regard. We were fortunate to meet Randy Williams, the founder and CEO of Keiretsu, and Sotiris Pagdadis, the president of its Midwest chapter. The rapport we built with Sotiris as well as the active involvement of its members motivated us to apply to present at their Midwest chapter,” she added.

Growth strategy

Eventerprise’s application to present at Keiretsu’s Midwest chapter will be screened by a committee composed of members with industry experience, in this case, exposure to platforms and online marketplaces. If successful, the team will deliver a short presentation at a deal screening after which a decision will be made to invite the company to present in front of the full chapter. It is at this stage that members can express their interest to invest which will then lead to a due diligence phase. Except for helping Forum members make informed decisions about investing in a company, the due diligence process also aims to assist presenting companies with their business strategies and future fundraising activities. This includes the invaluable opportunity to expand their networks and presenting at other chapters of Keiretsu Forum. In fact, Eventerprise has already been offered potential access to Keiretsu’s new Boston chapter.

The Keiretsu presentations will be followed by pitches to two New York-based venture capital firms that specialise in female-founded and managed startups. In CEO and co-founder, Birgit Thumecke, Eventerprise ticks all the boxes and it gives the presenting team a chance to demonstrate the importance of diversity in the workplace, a topic that is central to the company’s growth plan.

The May roadshow will be rounded off with a visit to familiar territory, San Francisco, where the team will present at some investor-facing events in conjunction with Eventerprise investment partner, Peter Henry. With 25% of its current late-seed round already in the bag, the Eventerprise team is confident that the advanced development of the platform and the quality of it’s go-to-market plan will entice savvy investors to support its global expansion.