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Our Young Gun and PostGrad programmes aim to develop students and recent graduates on both a personal and professional level, equipping them with the necessary digital, business management and leadership skills to be successful in their chosen careers.


Eventerprise offers professional internships to qualifying students and postgraduates from around the world through which they can gain experience in a fast-paced, digital environment.

Young Gun and PostGrad areas

Our Young Gun and PostGrad internship programmes are available to qualifying students from any country who have completed or who are currently completing their degrees and would like to gain experience in the following areas:

Sales, Social Media Management, Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, Business Management, Back - and Front-end Development, Graphic Design, Financial and Operational Management, Data Management, and Human Resources.

Examples of project focus areas include global go-to-market strategies, future trend innovation, consumer dynamics, competitor analysis, and investor outreach.


We would like to run our global platform with a complement of at least 50% Young Guns and PostGrads in the near future.

frequently asked questions

Eventerprise is a bold new digital platform that is turning the global events industry on its head. Our mission possible is to create the world's first comprehensive online community dedicated to connecting event hosts with the right event service, product, or venue.

As a start-up, if there’s one thing we know, it’s that starting out is hard work! That’s why we understand the predicament of students and recent graduates trying to get started with their careers.

Our talent incubation philosophy is to combine highly experienced leaders with talented Young Guns who want to learn fast, wide, and deep - and help create a world class digital platform at the same time. For that reason, our Cape Town hub offers a formal internship program which plays a vital role in our company culture.

Our internship program is available to current students or recent graduates who are keen to develop their skills in various disciplines – from marketing and sales to operations and digital media - in an innovative and technologically advanced environment. We call our interns Young Guns as they are treated as full team members and held to the same high standards.

Our office hours are 09:00 to 18:00 from Monday to Friday. We have our early birds and night owls who are at work at the crack of dawn and leave well after sundown but that’s because they love their job so much. The time flies by so quickly that most of us don’t even realize when it’s time to go home for the day.

Most definitely, we do not limit our Young Guns, or any team member for that matter, to specific skills and tasks, everyone operates in a 360-degree role. Tinka, one of our international Young Guns recently returned to work for Eventerprise a second time on a more permanent basis. Malikah is a permanent member of our design team and started out as a Young Gun.

Eventerprise is a fast-paced, goal-driven startup and each team within the company has different requirements for candidates. In general, candidates should enjoy working in a demanding and agile environment. The ability to communicate well and play nice within a tightly knit team would stand you in good stead, as would a thirst to learn new things and willingness to get things done. An interest in what Eventerprise does is essential and we love innovative ideas that help to grow the company.

In most instances, a degree in the required field is essential, supported by some relevant work experience. However, we will consider candidates who display the necessary skills through portfolio samples or projects they have worked on.

Eventerprise has partnered with various internship companies that assist students and graduates who would like to work at our offices in Cape Town, South Africa. Please note that we do not cover any costs of your stay.

View this link for more information on our internship opportunities:

Students who are required to complete an internship program abroad, can view the following link to see if Eventerprise meets the necessary requirements:

The internship program at Eventerprise runs for 3 to 6 months and we advertise available openings throughout the year as current Young Guns finish their internships.

We offer career defining internship opportunities to recent graduates and postgraduates from all over the world. Eventerprise allows smart young people to develop multiple skills in an advanced tech-orientated environment, while simultaneously growing as people and leaders. We are very proud to play a role in the career development of the Young Guns and PostGrads who join our team.

Due to the nature of our business we require that you dress in a semi-casual, but neat and professional manner during business hours. We reserve the right to ask you to dress in a manner more appropriate to your role in the event that your personal choice of clothing is deemed inappropriate.

Africa's Got Digital Talent - COMING SOON!

At Eventerprise, we believe companies are driven by both youth and diversity in the workplace. However, as our internship programme is unpaid, we have noticed that many local South Africans are unable to participate.

We want to make sure these barriers to entry do not prevent the best and the brightest from gaining experience and working with our company.

Through a funding partnership with larger organisations and foundations, we hope to help these students (18-30 years of age) complete our Young Gun internship programme.

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