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Our Young Gun and PostGrad programmes aim to develop students and recent graduates on both a personal and professional level, equipping them with the necessary digital, business management and leadership skills to be successful in their chosen careers.


Eventerprise offers professional internships to qualifying students and postgraduates from around the world through which they can gain experience in a fast-paced, digital environment.

Young Gun and PostGrad areas

Our Young Gun and PostGrad internship programmes are available to qualifying students from any country who have completed or who are currently completing their degrees and would like to gain experience in the following areas:

Sales, Social Media Management, Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, Business Management, Back - and Front-end Development, Graphic Design, Financial and Operational Management, Data Management, and Human Resources.

Examples of project focus areas include global go-to-market strategies, future trend innovation, consumer dynamics, competitor analysis, and investor outreach.


We would like to run our global platform with a complement of at least 50% Young Guns and PostGrads in the near future.

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South Africa's Got Digital Talent - COMING SOON!

At Eventerprise, we believe companies are driven by both youth and diversity in the workplace. However, as our internship programme is unpaid, we have noticed that many local South Africans are unable to participate.

We want to make sure these barriers to entry do not prevent the best and the brightest from gaining experience and working with our company.

Through a funding partnership with larger organisations and foundations, we hope to help these students (18-30 years of age) complete our Young Gun internship programme.

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