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3D Deco delivers curvilinear awe inspiring event and exhibition décor. 3D Deco utilises stretch tension fabric to transform an event space through wall and ceiling coverage, dynamic branding and 3D FX mobiles. Their creative and fluid event space transformations refract intelligent lighting and sunlight, casting multidimensional shadows on venue surfaces.

3D Deco's new range of artworks employs biogeometry and energy of shape to lift and dissipate electro-magnetic radiation. Their use of aromatherapy oil mists creates a memorable, healing and holistic experience for the guests.

3D Deco focus on venue space transformations, Moroccan bedouin tents, trade show stand design and sculpturally dynamic branding. Their custom-made pop-up branding is the ultimate in sophisticated visual marketing and their products are eye-catching and inspiring. 


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3D Deco