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iconOne-stop shop for your event needs
iconStaff of talented lighting designers and technicians
iconFull fledge video production

AVM Creative Solutions was established with one goal in mind provide state of the art equipment, techniques, and professionalism at price points to fit most project budgets. Established by 3 seasoned professionals from different facets of the audio, video, and digital media industries, AVM Creative Solutions provides services that cover everything necessary for your event to be a great success. Relax and let us take care of all the event planning from start to finish. From exciting lighting designs and hi-fi audio solutions, to captivating videos, decor and entertainment, AVM Creative Solutions has your event covered.

AVM Creative Solutions provides the highest quality live sound reinforcement options available in the industry. With the capability to provide for virtually any size venue or setting, our talented staff of engineers have the expertise to advice and cover your event to the max. Whether it be a small wedding or a huge concert production, let AVM take your event or production to the next level.

AVM Creative Solutions is a full fledged video production company that can assist clients with all facets of video production. Whether your project calls for scripting, shooting, editing, image magnification or staffing for concerts, we will provide the highest level of professionalism and High Definition quality to fit most project budgets.

Lighting can be one of the most powerful and crucial effects to any event, venue or production. With the correct lighting design you can transform the mood of a space from dull and lifeless, to an exciting, vibrant and unique setting.We service only professional-grade fixtures and equipment, from the leading manufacturers in the industry. AVM Creative Solutions takes pride in offering our clients a unique brand of services, and our goal is always to provide the best solutions, concepts and ideas for your project.


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