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Bar Service UK

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Bar Service UK ltd is one of the North West's leaders in the sale, service, repair and rental of bar equipment. We are fully independent and not tied to any manufacturer. We stock various makes and models of bar equipment. We have shown a selection of these on our website. Over the years we have recognised these machines to be extremely reliable and just as importantly, great value for money.

We are not a web based delivery company. We do not drop the machine on your doorstep to leave you with the expense and stress of installation, commissioning or any other problems that can occur. We carry out full and complete installations.

Prior to any installation, we will conduct a site survey, where we offer free, honest and professional advice on your bar equipment needs. This is based our extensive 25+ years experience within the industry. We do not employ sales driven representatives, we only employ qualified and knowledgeable bar equipment engineers.

We also offer this free service to new builds and establishments that are undergoing refurbishments. This service has proved to be invaluable to our clients. All our machines are mechanical and not over complicated nor over-priced. If parts are required, they are relatively low cost. Our testimonials can confirm this.

We fully install commission and ensure every machine is working 100% before we leave your site. We offer maintenance contracts for your existing machines or when any warranties expire. We carry out general repairs and services at your request.

Our rental service provides a cost effective and flexible solution to your bar equipment needs. It does not require lengthy credit checks and can be ended at anytime. All rental machines include a full lifetime warranty, so you don’t have to worry about call out charges or labour charges. At bar service, we guarantee you peace of mind with our "old fashioned", after- sales service.

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Date Founded: 1999
  • Leaders in the sale, service, repair and rental
  • Over 25 years of experience
  • Provides a cost effective and flexible solution