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As Johannesburg based wedding & event specialists, rush, chaos and madness are the air we breathe. We have learnt to organize just that, into something that works for us. We turn that rush, chaos and madness into art, beauty and most importantly, structure. This is what we are offering to do to your event, be it a wedding, corporate event or simply a special occasion.

Organizing is very much like drawing an exquisite art piece. It is extremely therapeutic and somewhat exhilarating. When in the process of sketching, it is only natural that one will at times experience an empty mind and a need for inspiration. You envision a beautiful end product, but through all the chaos, how does one get there?

This is where you will need us – call us your empire architect, or less complicated, your event specialists. We will be structuring your event planning process,  into organized chaos, giving you all the shapes, pencils, and colours you require to design your personalized art piece. From concept creation to execution, we will ensure that you end up with the exclusive occasion that you had envisioned. Organizing creativity and chaos is what we do best.


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