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iconWe entertain with our unique offering
iconWe have settings for up to 20 people for party/event
iconWe provide only the finest, responsibly sourced ingredients

We welcome the opportunity to work with area restaurants seeking to serve our gelato made with 100% grass fed, organic milk and exceptional ingredients! We are committed to our wholesale clients, and will work with you on flavors, order optimization, shipping, and staff training. We provide free delivery to clients in Jersey City and Hoboken. 

Our standard event is geared towards adults and organized as a demonstration class with elements of hands on participation (for those interested). They provide a glimpse into the world of gelato making and an adventure to remember. An important part of every event is (of course) the sampling of gelato, often organized as a guided blind tasting. We are churning gelato from scratch, right in the middle of our wide open kitchen - so you can experience the alchemy! We use only the finest, responsibly sourced ingredients - think grass-fed cows, farmers market produce, and fair trade chocolate. At Bucket & Bay everything is made from scratch using real ingredients that have been hand selected. That’s why the sourcing process is one of the most important things and we like to say that we source “responsibly”.

Gelato is lighter and creamier with a lower fat content than ice cream, which has more cream and more air churned into it. The importance of using high quality milk drove us, Jen and Boris, to spend months searching out a local, sustainable source. We connected with Oasis at Bird-in-Hand, an Amish farmers’ cooperative in Pennsylvania two hours away from the store that produces 100% grass-fed, organic milk from heritage breeds such as Linebacks and Jersey cows.


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