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Crystal Chandelier Rental

Chandelier Rental is the world’s largest supplier of crystal chandeliers for rent. We’re a fast growing company, with our head office in The Netherlands.

We’re the sister company of Dutch based SHOWLIGHT BV. The company was established in the Dutch town of Beuningen in 1996. We have a variety of...

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Date Founded: 1996

  • We're Europe’s premier event chandelier supplier

  • Technical and logistical support is offered in Europe and worldwide

  • We boast over 600 varieties of crystal chandeliers from which to choose

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Chandelier Rental
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Beuningen, Netherlands

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23 years

Chandelier Rental
Lighting equipment
Wedding services
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Amazing Chandelier. Excellent company Katerina Restov
Hired here chandeliers for my client. Destination wedding in Italy. Amazing chandeliers and excellent communication
Chandelier Rental Sun Oct 07 2018 08:01:43 GMT+0000 (UTC)