Chris Alker

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iconI cater to countless dance parties around town
iconI am New York based DJ, designer, party promoter and writer
iconI am a contributing writer for multiple digital and print publications

Chris Alker is a registered architect, writer, & DJ. Originally from Houston, TX he moved to New York City in 2004. With a passion for art, architecture, and music, he has tapped into the city's creative pulse in order to share his ideas, his writings, and his damaged-disco record collection. 

Unable or unwilling to choose a single medium for his creative output, he operates in the space between architecture, music, and prose. Each informing and expanding the other, he is constantly talking about music and dancing about architecture. He is responsible for countless building projects, raucous dance parties, is a contributing writer for multiple digital and print publications, has lectured at Yale's prestigious American studies program, and is one half of the DJ duo known as DELUXE. His interests have led him to Hong Kong, Taipei, Paris, London, and Berlin so far.


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