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iconPop Up Paint Parties and sessions (We come to your venue or a venue of your choice)
icon Professional art session instructors.

A good night out doing something different while sipping on a glass of wine and exploring your unique artistic style.

Are you looking for a way to explore your artistic side but don’t know where to start? Do you want a fun night out that is new and exciting? Cocktails and Canvas is upbeat creative adult art sessions for both the artistic and not so artistic.

Come learn the basics of acrylic painting while enjoying the company of friends. Our professional art session instructor will guide you through step by step recreating the featured nights painting in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. It’s easy and totally stress free. By the end of the night you will be amazed at the artwork you have created!

The best part? You will go home with a painting you can call “uniquely yours” and hopefully a new found talent you’ll want to explore.

Art Sessions can be customized for both corporate team building and private events. The choices are endless. Murals or company logo can be painted and sessions can be turned into team leader events, bachelorette parties, paint and wine tasting sessions. Whilst very popular on other continents, this is a first for South Africa

Cocktails and Canvas Adult Art Sessions” bring you a fun way to learn how to paint your own canvas. Experience a fun learning concept, whilst sipping a cocktail

Cocktails and Canvas offers a great place for people to meet like- minded people, who just want to have fun, chill out and be creative at the same time. We offer a friendly, relaxing, casual, and affordable 2. 5 hours of entertainment.



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Cocktails and Canvas