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iconWe have over 30 years of experience
iconOur main focus is on you, the customer
iconWe provide creative business leaders with the leading-edge support they need

For more than 25 years, CC&G has been a creative design company that provides creative business leaders with the leading-edge support they have needed to meet their organizations’ goals. Whether providing website layout ideas, media products to add impact to their messages, supporting their special corporate events with powerful print and graphic materials, or simply contributing strategic brainpower, CC&G has reliably provided the speedy customer service, flexibility and knowledge needed for today’s business technologies.

Our main focus is you, the customer. We’re 100% committed to your satisfaction. CC&G provided staging, lighting, music, computer animation, presentations, voice-overs, sound bites, technical lighting, display prints and CDs for corporate events staged by Lockheed Martin, Commerce Bank, Lockheed Martin, Provident Bank and Sanofi-Aventis. From the Web to CDs, from PowerPoint to Flash, from display pieces to printed materials, CC&G covers all the ways you can present your message to customers face to face. Our clients turn to us to handle a number of their on-going project issues. While technology is always evolving, CC&G keeps you in pace with those changes.

Our clients turn to us for our technological know-how, reliability, professionalism and speed. CC&G delivers the interaction, foresight and confidence to keep adding to your own success stories.


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Creative Communications and Graphics