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Destiny Cuisine Fine Dining
fine dining at homeThe Destiny Fine Dining experience is all about elegance, refinement and those finer details that make your guests feel like royalty. Think of a glitzy sit-down gala dinner, a VIP cocktail event or an intimate family dinner in your own home – Destiny Fine Dining will take care of everything.
We believe in service excellence, so silver service dining with attentive wait-staff is the norm for guest lists from 10 to 2 000 or more and we won’t limit your menu choices. Our speciality is high-end ethnic menus with an Afrocentric feel, but we’re also experienced in the classics, if that’s what the occasion demands. We are fully mobile so we can cater from your facility or from ours, or in the comfort of your home.

Destiny Express
destiny expressThe mobile caterers at Destiny Express provide a pop-up coffee shop – or mobile bar facility – for your company. The concept is primarily aimed at corporates or small businesses and there’s no kitchen infrastructure required. We’ll provide the Destiny Express branded pop-up shop in business environments for a maximum of 100 people.
What you can expect is great baristas, high quality healthy meals and wellness options, hot gourmet coffees, a selection of pastries and one deli-style hot meal (usually lunch) option daily. The Destiny Express concept is long-term contract-based to suit your needs and menus change every day.

Destiny Cuisine

destiny cuisineThe corporate caterers at Destiny Foods have moved with the tides of change since its inception. By offering customised options, we have taken initiative to research and understand exactly what it is that the client desires. Our meals are targeted at being healthy and filling. Work can be stressful, but in the midst of such, we believe every staff member deserves a dining experience of high calibre. Our hearty and healthy meals are prepared at our Destiny Kitchen and served at the client’s premises in their freshest form. This system is designed to save the client money that would have been used for all the operational costs, premises space rental and other costs to be incurred during set-up.



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